Baltic Cruise June 2014 - Day 13 At Sea

Today is the first of our sea days before arriving back in Southampton. After a quick breakfast we find out we are headed back under the third largest suspension bridge where we only have 6m clearance from the top of the ship. We weren't going to miss it again so we waited in the incredibly blustery conditions for about 15 mins to watch us sail underneath.

Sadly we are not going to enjoy a sunbathing day as although dry it's incredibly windy so we end up chilling in the café (catching up on much blogging) waiting for lunch to arrive.

Today they have done some wonderful ice and fruit sculptures and even put out a chocolate fountain which lasted about 5 mins until someone opened the doors and the wind blew all the chocolate off and it had to be cleaned up and abandoned and melted chocolate put out in small pots instead.

The rest of the day was spent chilling in the inside pool area completing the blog before heading into the gym to try undo some of the damage caused by excessive eating and drinking over the past two weeks. Just had time for a 3 mile run then it was time for the evening meal which was earlier today as they were only showing the evening show once because of the football.

If anyone is wondering what the non cocktail drinks were like then they aren't stingy on their measures, I asked for a small Grey Goose Orange Vodka and had to actually tell him to stop pouring as I wanted some room for the lemonade!

Tonight's show was Mel Mellor, an old school magician / comedian. We weren't expecting much when he came on but actually he was better than we thought he would be. Then it was time for the football and I don't need to say much about England's terrible performance against Uruguay.

After the match we finally bumped into Dave who was with Guy and Oli. Turns out we'd just missed them last night and they had been on another bender so tonight was going to be a quiet one for them.

By this point the ship was really rocking as well, they had closed all the outer decks for safety reasons and that combined with the England loss meant that most people had already disappeared by 11pm.

We along with Guy stayed out and had some drinks in molecular bar. There were just 3 we hadn't had now so I tried the 3G Martini, gin, elderflower liqueur, domain de canton liqueur, sage and cucumber, pure alcohol, 2 sips and I had to leave it hence it rates low down the scale with just a 3.

Next I ordered the Celebrity Martini, Grey Goose La Poire, Rose essence, fresh lime, champagne, passion-ginger foam, and sage, again this was way too strong so a couple of mouthfuls and that was also abandoned, probably rates the same as the previous Martini so gets another 3.

Al went for the Black Mamba, the last whisky based drink. His comments were that he would have it again and it was quite nice and voted it a 7.5.

We meet up with the Boston couple Greg and Tim again and stayed chatting until about 1am then it got too much, the ship was really rocking at this point and we stopped past quasar for a couple of bottles of water and there were only three other people in.