Baltics Cruise June 2014 - Day 12 Gdansk

Today is our last visit off the ship and we hadn't really made any plans.

The major town was Gdansk which was 20 miles away as we had docked in Gdynia and it didn't seem like there was anything here to really do. Luckily we bumped into Deb and Oli at breakfast and they told us out was possible to catch a train there. We successfully managed to work out from the polish signs where we got the train from then set off for Gdansk.

The journey was about 30 mins and cost £10 for all for of us return journey. We set off from the station to find the main part of the old town down by the river. It was a beautiful city and we'd got really lucky with the weather again.

We found a boat tour through the dockyard so decided to take that and it turned out to be a fascinating tour. The guide spoke in Polish, English and German but it was impossible to really hear him but on the return leg he came to speak to us in person and we ended up with almost a private guide telling us about all the ships currently in the dock and life under the communist rule.

We walked back through the square with an ice cream and found another Christmas decoration for our collection.

We returned back to the boat with about an hour to spare, we had planned some time to look around the local town but there really was nothing to see so instead decided to enjoy the last of the sunshine and get another one of those burgers.

Tonight was the last formal night and the food was great although there was too much choice so Dad, Al and I all asked for two mains instead of a starter; Possibly the poshest form of surf and turf with lobster and beef wellington.

Tonight's show was the cabaret crew again who did a medley of west end shows then we watched liars club before meeting up briefly in the club with the Mexicans. We haven't seen Dave since the big night out so wondering if we may have broken him although we have bumped into Guy a couple of times so he is still alive.

Also had a couple more drinks from molecular bar although I've lost count of which I haven't had now and ended up having a white cloud which once it arrived I realised I'd already, will have to finish them off properly tomorrow.