Baltics Cruise June 2014 - Day 2 At Sea

Today is a sea day so no need to set an alarm and as we have an inside cabin we have the luxury of a completely dark space so we aren't awake till about 10 am. Breakfast options are plentiful and I start the day with Scottish eggs Benedict. The weather is on our side and although not quite warm enough to be in my bikini it's just about nice enough to lay out relaxing by the pool.

The molecular bar doesn't open till 5.30pm so there's time to rest the liver and try out some of the non alcoholic cocktails which are also very tasty. Lunch is buffet style but I'm not too hungry so opt for a light snack then its back poolside for more chilling out time. I even go to the gym for a nice 5k run then some relaxation in the hot tub. On the way back to get changed we make a small detour past the molecular bar and try an indulgence, Chambord raspberry liqueur, godvia white chocolate liqueur, kahlua and cocoa powder. Well this is right up there in the favourites, like drinking a dessert. It scores another 10 (too busy drinking no photo!).

Tonight it is formal night so time for the tiara and ball gown and Al in his tux.

On the way to meet the parents we stop for another couple of molecular drinks.

Al goes for a Kentucky Derby, woodford reserve, elderflower liqueur, domaine de canton liqueur, elderflower and ginger essence, roasted apple and toasted spices bitters, lavender yuzu bitters and citrus enhancer.

I choose a Lucky Cat, vodka, domaine de canton ginger liqueur, aloe vera juice, pineapple and lime juice with raspberries, both come with liquid nitrogen smoking on top and they spray some scent in front of Al (the citrus enhancer) which he has to take in to fully experience the drink.

Al votes the Kentucky Derby a 9.5, the Lucky Cat gets an 8.

Next we stop to get some formal pictures taken which is always fun then it's a quick molecular cocktail before the evening meal. This time I choose the Coming Up Roses, Bacardi razz, champagne, lime, rose petals, raspberry-rose foam and rose essence.
This is also nice but not going to knock the ginger mojito or indulgence off top spot so going to give this an 8.

Al opts for a beer this time round but Dad wants to get involved now and I choose him a Scorpion Kiss, Mezcal, gran marnier, agave nectar, lychee puree, passionfruit puree, fresj lime juice with pasilla and cinnamon salt. I’m not a fan of salted rims but it’s still nice and I’d give it a 7.

Food tonight is nice and I try my first frog’s legs and yes it is true they taste like chicken. I was going to stay off the desserts but strawberry soup is on the menu. Yummy and only small plus it is part of my five a day.

Tonight's show is the cabaret which was a great performance and great stage set up. Afterwards we go out and watch the sun set again.

We find a nice bar to sit in and this time I try out a cocktail of the day from the regular menu, Blue note punch, stoli blueberry, pineapple and lime juice, red bull blueberry, bitters and sugar syrup, we are definitely spoilt, as good as it is it isn't in the same league!

Its back to molecular for a couple more drinks, I choose the White Cloud, vodka, elderflower liqueur, aloe vera lemongrass essence and lychee puree. Its a mixture of subtle flavours and I'd give it a 7.

Al went for the El Angel, tequila, mezcal blanco, dried hibiscus, aleppo pepper and lime salt. Again tasty and gives it a 7.

After the parents head to bed we hit the club again, tonight it is a lot busier and we end up hanging out with a great Mexican family. Mum, Dad and their five (adult) kids. Dad Fernando has a great motto, always dance like no one is watching and oh boy he sure did. We ended up chatting quite a while and turns out they are heading to Madrid after the cruise like me so I get an invite to hang out and go partying with them on the Tuesday, we exchanged numbers so hopefully we will.

After they leave we meet Oli, we'd seen him earlier that night at the molecular bar, he'd left his wife in the cabin and was partying like there was no tomorrow, drinks, shots then the bar staff refused him anything else but water, he started break dancing then challenging others to a dance off, no one took him up on the offer.

We also met Dave, he'd come away with his friend who turns out had previously got kicked out of the club for being too drunk. Nice to know we aren't the only ones taking advantage of the drinks. We end the night with some B52 shots then actually get told the club is closed despite the fact it was advertised as staying open till the last person leaves but they probably took one look at the four of us and realized that wasn't going to be any time soon.

We headed up to the cafe for our milk and cookies and even they had closed. They did offer to go find us some cookies but instead we just went back to the room stopping to take a couple of photos as the sun was starting to rise, it doesn't set for very long round here so I didn't feel too bad.