Baltics Cruise June 2014 - Day 3 Copenhagen

All things considering today could have started a lot worse, don't get me wrong I know I've had a drink and I'll be taking the opportunity to detox until we get to port but I imagine we weren't feeling as bad as some.

We decide to have a nice formal sit down lunch since we'll be out in Copenhagen for the evening, think that's the first time we've done that on the cruise.

We dock around 3pm then Al and I had straight off to Tivoli gardens.

Rather than getting the organised tour we do it ourselves and catch a bus to the train station then it's just a few stops away and the gardens are right opposite so couldn't have been easier and much cheaper than the official cruise tour. We get the all exclusive ride ticket which is worth it if you go on four of the big rides. We start off on the oldest wooden roller coaster where the attendant actually rides on with you to operate the brakes.

Next was a semi modern ride where you shoot laser guns at targets but mine wasn't working. After that we sat in a spinning waltzer type ride when Al got splattered from above. Something resembling salsa hit him on the leg. There was a huge swing chair ride directly above so we can only assume it was too much for someone and they had been a little bit sick.
We did go on that ride next and got some fantastic views over the city then did a train ride, spaceship ride and the dodgems.

To say today is a bank holiday the crowds are not at all bad and we didn’t have to wait that long for each ride. We then headed towards the back of the park which was Chinese themed and very pretty, we did the upside down rollercoaster which after universal in Orlando felt super tame but still fun. The only ride where my nerves came back into play was the airplane ride. Each plane sits just 4 people and you get to choose if you want a forward or backward experience. Apparently forward is the most natural feeling and I'm glad when the other couple we are sharing with also want that one. As well as spinning you round at huge speeds the plane itself turns and although not working today usually you get to manually control how fast and quickly it spins. It was a fantastic ride although you can really feel the g force.

My parents had arrived now so we wandered around the gardens and watched a show in one of the open air theatres.

We even convinced Dad to come on the old wooden coaster, mum was in fits of laughter and said it was the best fun she had in ages, we had to buy the photo as dad's face was priceless. We had a game on the donkey derby which Dad won them we decided to head back to the ship. It meant we missed the night time water display but it had been a long day. We caught the train back but there were no buses so ended up walking 3.5k back to the port which was not the 10 minute walk as advertised but we got to see another glorious sunset.

We had just enough time to grab some pizza and sushi which I was surprisingly impressed with for buffet quality then we went to see the comedy act. The guy was old school but really funny and afterwards we had time for milk and cookies before having a relatively early night but more importantly an alcohol free night.