Baltics Cruise June 2014 - Day 4 Copenhagen

Last night was an overnight stop in Copenhagen so we can get off the boat whenever. We fill up at breakfast then take a taxi to the little mermaid statue which is the most visited tourist stop in the city.

From there it is a beautiful walk along the pier and through the gardens to the royal palace where we see the soldiers marching up and down.

We haven't made any real plans for the day but as we head down to Nyhavn we decide to get on an hour long boat trip which was fantastic. We got to see a lot of the major sights and see some of the places you can only easily get to by the water.

There are some fantastic bridges we go under as well; one so small the boat must have been designed just to fit through. Afterwards we walk up the main pedestrian shopping street and end up in hotel chocolate. Dad and Al try out the drinks; Al goes for an iced salted caramel chocolate and Dad a classic hot chocolate.

Only on leaving the shop did I see they had chocolate cocktails and saw a while chocolate mojito! Gutted I hadn't seen it earlier so now I'll be on the lookout in future stores. We carried on a little further enjoying the sunshine and the sights before getting the bus back to the ship.

Apparently Copenhagen is enjoying a heat wave right now and it is a lot warmer than I expected so after a quick bite to eat it's still nice enough to grab the cocktail of the day, French Caribbean, Malibu, Chambord and Passionfruit and do some sunbathing.

This cocktail is definitely up there with the molecular bar and ends up probably being the most drunk cocktail of the week. There's only one thing missing but soon the sushi kitchen opens and it's delicious with a sex on the beach whilst soaking up the last of the days rays.

We bought the full photo package earlier in the week so now every opportunity we get we have the formal pictures taken so we get dressed up have a few done then it's molecular time.

I start the night with Brillante, a champagne cocktail with grand marnier, aperol, agave nectar, lavender yuzu bitters and bitters. This has been the first one that has disappointed. It's probably OK if you are a champagne fan but given it is a short drink there isn't much to take away the champagne flavour so I’m giving this a 3.

Al has a Mr B, Jack Daniels, Ginger Liqueur, Aloe vera juice, fresh pineapple juice, grilled grapefruit and lemon juice, he said its pretty decent and gives it a 7.

Tonight we're went to a different part of the restaurant and it was like a whole other experience, the staff were far more attentive offering great service as we were a little disappointed with the service on the on the other side.

Even the food seemed a lot nicer tonight, I started with caprese followed by duck pate then slow cooked lamb in filo pastry. I stayed off the dessert, none of them other than the strawberry soup the other day have looked that appetizing.

After the meal we head back up to the molecular bar and since it is quiet she does us a couple of secret off menu cocktails. They don't have names and not entirely sure what was in them but she asked us each which base spirit to go for and worked from there. Mine was tequila with lime and ginger plus some other flavours, Al went for dark rum with mint and basil with orange oil. Mine was very good, still not going to get in to spot number one but a 9, Al voted his at 7.5.

We then watched a comedy show where a panel of three are given a word and they have to define it where only one of them is right. Through luck I did guess all four right, one of my favourite words was crapulence which means the illness you feel after to much food and drink. I can see a few people suffering from that this cruise.

We then went and had some more pictures taken, this time super cheesy laying down ones, I'm sure the photographer must be used to flexible people with some of the positions he was trying to put us in.

A quick visit to molecular for a drink before the show, for a Tanned Russian, another martini style drink with vodka, malibu, coco lopez, grilled pineapple juice, fresh lemon juice and grated coconut. Apart from the grated coconut which I wasn't a fan of this was nice and gets a 7.5.

Next up was the violinist from the Ukraine, she did a really good show but we left early to watch the ship sail under the third longest suspension bridge, the ship only clears it by 4 metres and is apparently amazing to see but when we got on deck we had already passed, apparently we'd had a strong tail wind and had arrived ahead of schedule. There were some very unhappy passengers but on the way back we pass under again so will just make sure we arrive well ahead of time.

So there was time for one last trip to molecular and this time I went for a Fresca Piscante, leblon cachaca, grand marnier, agave nectar and hibiscus rose salt, sounded lovely but I hadn't quite cottoned on to the fact piscante translates as hot so as I took the first gulp I got quite a shock as it was way too much for me to handle, I'm therefore going to have to give it a 2, it looked great and you could tell there were complex flavours involved but this drink I would never have been able to drink and even Al thought it was hot. Luckily my subconscious must have known as I also order as ginger mojito so it wasn't a complete disaster.

Up in sky bar we watched a short performance from the cabaret crew set to 50s music which was fun then mum, Dad and I all had a boogie till about 1am when the bar closed and me, Dad and Al headed to quasar where we met up with our regular crew.

We introduced Dad to Fernando senior and his family and he was also rooted into being a Mexican supporter for the world cup. Luckily England and Mexico are in different groups so Fernando is recruiting supporters to have a second team.

When Dad found out the other night all games were going to be shown in the cinema room he was extremely happy. Apparently on the England games at least they are going to have themed parties and as I pointed out he also gets free beer so he no longer feels like he will miss out.

Al finds out that Fernando senior is friends with the son of the richest man in the world which is pretty crazy. After they head off we end up talking to Oli and his wife Deb, Oli was the break dancer from two nights ago and although remembers meeting us has quite a vague memory of anything else that night. Turns out after he went back to his room he needed to use the loo in the night and got the wrong door. Deb had to grab him back as he opened the cabin door to go outside in just his pants.
We also chatted with Greg and Tim from Boston who are here with both sets of parents celebrating their second wedding anniversary. They were pleased to have met the few other people under the age of 40. Weirdly Deb and Oli live just minutes away in chandlers ford so Al gets loads of tips for places nearby where he can get real ale.

The music in the club tonight is pretty shocking and DJ Lenny does seem like the grumpiest DJ. It ends up being just me and Al again and they close up just as Dave another chap from two nights ago walks in wondering where the party is. Dave seems amazed we remember his name and we are trying to work out whether Dave or Oli was the worst, prize had to go to Dave though as he tells us he thinks he got back to his room that night around 4am then the next thing he remembers is being outside his room without any trousers on banding on the door to get in at 6am. He has no idea how he got out so we offered the suggestion that perhaps he'd made the same mistake as Oli and used the wrong door to go to the bathroom. His friend Guy that first night had got back to the room and been sick on the carpet, I really don't envy them for the next 10 days.

Anyway he invites us to stay out for another drink so we head to the casino where all our Mexican friends are too. They are all playing black jack and everyone is doing well which is nice. On the final hand Guy and Dave bet the maximum of $200 and end up winning. Of course everyone is in celebratory mode now so we head to the casino bar for some more drinks but then we get told we have to leave as they are cashing up and have to lock the area. Dave is really not happy at this point so he head down to guest relations to make a complaint that the bars are not suppose to shut and we use this opportunity to make a quick escape.