Baltics Cruise June 2014 - Day 5 At Sea

Today we are at sea all day and given we had a late night we don't leave the cabin till 1pm to head down for lunch, tomorrow it's an early start in Stockholm so might be another cocktail free day. Seems the heat wave was a one off so after lunch we curl up on the sun loungers wrapped up in blankets, perhaps these old people are on to something ;-)

After another couple of hours snoozing we enjoyed some time in the jacuzzi then even went to the gym so the day wasn't a complete right off.

Heading back from the gym I realised the sushi bar was open so enjoyed a few post workout rolls then started to get ready for our second formal night.

Tonight there are six photo stations so making the most of our package we get all our cheesy shots done before the meal.

Tonight we get to try steak tartare which was delicious followed by garlic snails then chateaubriand. As I skip on dessert again I go for a dessert Martini, banana split, very tasty.

Cocktail of the day today is Between The Lines, Bacardi 8, Remy VSOP, Lime juice, simple syrup, bitters and mint and another good one.

Tonight's show was a chap called Mike Doyle, can't say I was expecting much but the guy was fantastic, both a good singer, impressionist and comedian. After the show we bumped into Dave and Guy and went for a cheeky molecular cocktail, another indulgence (finally with photo, even though its not a great one) and introduced the boys who were also big fans.

Afterwards we went for a very quick check out of the club but looked like our regulars were having an easy night tonight so just one last French Caribbean before heading to bed.