Baltics Cruise June 2014 - Day 6 Stockholm

After a short six hours sleep the alarm woke us get an early breakfast then straight into Stockholm.

The weather is lovely again and it's a pleasant 3k walk into town. We end up at the royal palace and although we weren't that interested we wanted to buy tickets to go in we ended up walking through the empty courtyard then realised we could just walk through to the museum as we were so early they hadn't put up the barriers stopping people walking through the ticket area.

It was only when we got right into the state rooms we realised we weren't in a free area and we bypassed any ticket office, result. The apartments were beautiful and they are still used today for royal visits and official state meetings.

After the museum we meet up with Mum and Dad and went into the mint museum which I found fascinating to see all the different types of money from over the years.

We then had a wander around the old town and stopped in a couple of local tourist shops including a lucky find to a Christmas shop so we could get something to add to our tree. We started collecting decorations from each new trip a few years back when we went to Alaska. Unfortunately we've not managed to get one from everywhere we've travelled to but then we probably wouldn't have room on the tree :-)

We then decided to have a walk around more of the town but it started raining so we abandoned that idea and started to head back to the ship.

Near to the boat we stopped in to a photography museum as we still had a couple of hours left and it felt like a waste to go back to the ship. The museum was excellent, we weren't so impressed to start with as it was a female artist who took pictures of a nurse in random locations. The second floor however was dedicated to SebastiĆ£o Salgado who took pictures of scenery and nature from around the world. There must have been over 200 beautiful shots from the most remote parts of the world.

Back on the ship we discovered afternoon tea so since we hadn't had any lunch we enjoyed a couple of scones with cream and jam. Al definitely had a case of eyes bigger than belly and attempted to eat four, he got through three and a half.

As we sailed away we passed through the narrow passage of Sweden with some beautiful scenery and a cocktail of the day, Old Cuban La Fresa, Barcadi 8, Champagne, Lime juice, Bitters, Starwberries and Mint. Another good one, then we chilled on one of the double day beds until it was time to get ready for our evening meal.

Tonight's meal was beautiful but the steak was the size of a small person.

Before tonight's show and photos we saw the bar tenders in the Martini bar pouring 13 drinks at once, pretty impressive.

The show tonight was great, it was the cabaret cast performing a cirque du soleil type show, very impressive.

Tomorrow is Tallin so for once we have a relatively early night.