Baltics Cruise June 2014 - Day 7 Tallin

Today was another relatively early start as the clocks went forward another hour and we landed in Tallinn at 10am.

Luckily the walk from the port to the main square wasn't far, probably only 15 mins. The only downside today was the weather, it's not that cold but there is the occasional rain shower. En route to the old square we pass by a shop specialising in marzipan so stop in since Al loves the stuff and he gets a little duck.

The main square is beautiful and there is a local craft fair on selling honeys, amber, lace and handcrafted jewellery.

We spot a few items we might purchase on the way back and head up to the top of the hill to see the castle and views of the town. It's not too far a walk and despite the rain we still get to see some lovely views around the town.

As we head back to the main square we pass a wax works museum and decide to give it a go. It made us think of the time we went to Barcelona and went to the worse wax works ever, that one had famous people we knew but it was still hard to recognise then a while bunch of historical figures from Spain.

We were pleasantly surprised that it wasn't as terrible as that. The first floor had famous characters and posing spots so you could get your pictures taken with them.

As we walked up to the second floor we saw a sign saying over 18s only and the next section was behind a curtain, when we went in we got a bit a shock to find a pornographic section, and it wasn't just naked waxworks but some in interesting poses, one lady was even bent over with all her lady bits tattooed (yes I have a photo, no its not suitable for the blog, see me in person if you are that curious :-) ).

The next floor was then dedicated to strange people from history, for example a man born with four eyes, the world's smallest woman and the world's fastest man.

Next we fancied a drink so found a local bar, one of the local specialities was the honey beer so it would have been rude not to try it. They also had an apple and elderflower cider so I had some of that, the cider was great and Al loved the beer.

We stopped for another as mum and Dad joined us and all tried the cherry beer which he enjoyed even more. After that we went back to the craft market, Al bought some hand painted cufflinks and I got some earrings in the same style then we're headed back to the ship.

Tomorrow was the super early start in Russia so we went for an early evening meal so we could see the earlier show. Tonight it was a Chinese magician and he was incredible with some excellent close up magic.

There was of course some time to try another molecular cocktail, Violet Hummingbird, Porton Mosto Pico, Crema de Violette liqueur, Cointreau, sugar syrup, bitters, egg whites,and lime juice . This was another Martini style drink so I wasn't expecting it to knock the current leaders off the board and although it was better than I expected it only gets a 7.5.

For our final drink of the night I tried one of the gin based molecular drinks Gentle Reflection, very subtle flavours, Gin, Apfel Liqueur, Lillet blanc, Elderflower and ginger syrup,roasted apple and toasted spices, bitters and garnished with rosemary, it gets a 7.

Al stuck with a classic indulgence then we went on deck for a couple pictures as the evenings are getting lighter the further north we go.

Tonight they get us doing some 'comedy' poses in the formal pictures.

And I get a few with Mum and Dad.