Baltics Cruise June 2014 - Day 9 St Petersberg

Another lazy start to the day as our tour didn't start until 1pm. This was our only ship organised tour we had booked given you needed a visa to wander about Russia solo. Luckily the tour was really just a coach trip into the city with two hours free time.

We decided to head back to the church of the spilled blood to look inside as it is covered floor to ceiling in mosaics.

It really was a fascinating sight and also seeing the photos from the war when it was destroyed including a picture of an unexploded bomb they found in the roof as they were doing the repairs.

The rest of the time we just spent walking up the main square and popped into a chocolate factory where we're bought a few chocolate sculptures, which turned out to taste disgusting so thankfully they hadn't cost too much.

Next we found a couple of pieces of original artwork for our collection then the boys went back to the bar from last night for another beer whilst mum and I went into another souvenir shop and tried shots of vodka and cherry liqueur.

Back on ship we had some downtime before getting ready for the evening.

Tomorrow was a sea day so the party people we'd met during the week had all agreed that we'd meet in the club later for a big night out. Also as we are Russia at this time of the year it is white nights when the sun doesn't set for long so we had agreed to stay up and watch the sun rise.

First we had another lovely meal then we watched the show and went for a boogie up in the sky lounge where the cabaret performers were doing a mini Motown show. We arrived at the nightclub around 1.30am then found all the regulars in the casino.

Tonight the clocks go back an hour so we convinced DJ Lenny to stay open a bit later and we enjoyed a boogie until around 3am and I also introduced the group to squashed frogs, a shot made from Bailey's, grenadine and midori.

The first ones were OK but then they ran out of shot glasses so started serving them in tumblers and they became undrinkable, although we did try.

We then went and sat on the deck to finish our drinks and it was bizarre how light it still was.

The night ended up on Dave and Guy's balcony ordering burgers from room service which probably helped towards saving me from the hangover I was sure I'd have.

We got back to the room around 6am just as the next day's activities were starting!