Boston May 2014 - Day 2

We enjoy a fairly leisurely start to the day then head into downtown Boston where we take a ride on the famous duck tour, amphibious vehicles touring the city before heading onto the river. Our guide was fantastic and played his character as a failed musician very well.

It was a great way to quickly see a lot of the Boston sights that we could come back to later in the week. Once out on the river Al even had the chance to drive to the boat.

After the tour we had just enough time to visit the sky walk with its impressive views over Boston. We could even see right into Fenway Park where a game was being played. It's definitely true what they say about the Boston weather, if you don't like it wait ten minutes. From the sky walk we could see dark clouds over half the town and the other half looking sunny.

On our way home we stopped at the British beer company for food and drinks where the boys tried some random beers.

That evening we started watching some kung fu film that the boys were really into but it wasn't long before we were all too sleepy so would have to finish the film another time.