Boston May 2014 - Day 4

Today we take the car to the outskirts of Boston and get the tube in, out first stop is to get on a tour of the freedom trail. It lasts a couple of hours and we walk along the streets accompanied by a tour guide in full authentic costume.

We learn about the history of Boston including the Boston massacre and visit the graves of the political people of the time. The tour ends at Quincy market which is a beautiful building with little gift shops and food stalls inside where its time to try the famous Boston lobster roll and the clam chowder.

We share both between us and they are amazing, we then find a stall selling Boston cream pies which we had learnt about from our last tour so attempted to share one between us, don't think we quite made it but gave it our best shot.

Al managed to find himself a T-shirt for the evening’s game then we walked along the sea front until we got to the Boston tea party museum. This was great fun, the museum is on a replica ship and although very cheesy you get to take your picture throwing tea parcels off the side.

We'd been told the pre game activities were worth a watch so next we headed to Fenway park. The tube was heaving and it took several trains before we could find a free one.
When we finally got there it was already packed, people enjoying a pre game drink in one of the many bars or enjoying a hot dog. We decided to head straight into the park so we could wander round before taking our seats.

Fenway Park is the oldest baseball stadium in the US which means its also one of the smallest (if not the smallest) but it was perfect and meant that pretty much all the seats had a great view. Raj had been kind enough to organize the tickets for us and we had a great location just to the right of the batter between him and first base. The American’s really do know how to put on a show and before the match there was pre game entertainment and the famous national anthem which was great to be part of.

We were surprised by how empty the stadium was when the game started but then it was a Tuesday night and speaking with my American friends they say there are so many matches that the mid week ones really aren’t that popular.

Even though it wasn’t that busy there was still a fabulous atmosphere and during the game we made sure we really fit in, getting burgers, a pretzel for Al and candy floss for me from the guys walking around the ground.

I didn’t know much about the game before this but it was fairly straight forward. By the time we got to round 8 (of the standard 10) people had started leaving and it wasn’t even as if either side was winning by any clear margin, it fact it was a draw so this felt rather odd although it was getting late for a week night. Round 10 came and went and the match ended with a draw, or so we thought.

We started walking towards the exit getting our picture taken when we noticed that something was still happening on the pitch.

We spoke to one of the staff who explained that games in the US never end in a draw, its not in their nature so the game would go on until someone won! Well we didn’t have anywhere to go in the morning and the train back to the outskirts was quite late so we took a couple of seats right at the front of the pitch and stayed until the Red Sox got the winning run.

What a great night, it did mean that it was too late to grab a drink in a near by bar so we headed back to the train then drove home.