Boston May 2014 - Day 6

Unfortunately Raj had to work again so we headed off to Cape Cod for the day planning on going for a cycle ride. The drive down was once again easy on the empty highway and we found a local hire shop right next to the Cape Cod rail trail, a 25 mile long track which was vehicle free.

We had really lucked out with the weather as it was a beautiful day, not too hot for the ride but lovely and sunny. Our first stop was by a general store where we hoped to buy some snacks but when we got a bit closer it looked like it had been shut down for months so we continued on further until we hit a little town.

We’d gone for some really trendy bikes with baskets on the front which turned out to be really handy because we stopped in the store to make a picnic for ourselves.
We cycled for around 12 miles before we decided to head back and find a local park to stop for lunch. Again being out of season we had the park to ourselves and enjoyed a lovely lunch and walk around the lake.

After lunch we headed back stopping at a little beach as it was a great shot for my video burpees.

We barely saw anyone else on the trail the whole time, what did make us laugh was that towards the end of the ride I’d said to Al how I really liked the signs on the road saying smile, I assumed it was some really posh graffiti, it was then Al told me that it was actually distance markers and said .5mile

By the time we got back to the car we’d done around 25 miles which wasn’t bad since the last time I’d been cycling was on the lead contraption in San Francisco.

Since America is so great for shopping and the exchange rate is pretty good at the moment I’d asked the hire shop if there was an outlet mall nearby and as luck would have it there was one almost round the corner, Patriot square. We thought we’d stop in for a quick look and two hours later, over 30 different items to try on we finally started the drive back home (with a lot more to fit into the suitcase as well).

En route we decided to pull off and a random town and find somewhere to eat. We came across a sports bar in the middle of nowhere and it was actually really busy for a change. She sat us in the restaurant area where it was a lot quieter and we enjoyed some American food, the highlight for me had to be a key lime pie cocktail which was more like a dessert in a glass.