Boston May 2014 - Day 7

Today was a good day as we got to spend it with Raj, we felt a little bad that he’d had to work for most of the time we were there when originally he’d hoped to take some time off but we were going to make up for it today.

We started out going to see Priya at the bank where she worked, I wasn’t sure if they were kidding when they said they had drive though banks but we saw it for ourselves. Not sure if I approve of the concept or not, I can say that on a night out it has been annoying trying to find somewhere to park up though to go and get out some cash. Priya was too busy to join us next door for some brunch and a very quaint place called sunnyside. The waitress was a little weirded out by the fact I wanted the breakfast without any toast or coffee even when she explained it just came with it. Raj had his much loved waffles with maple syrup.

We headed into Boston where Raj took us to the Mapparium, a three-story, stained-glass globe with a perspective on the world from 1935. It was really interesting and well worth a visit.

Afterwards we went to the Sam Adams beer tour, Raj hadn’t done the tour before either so was something nice for all of us.

Now Al and I have been on many beer tours on our various travels but this one tops them all. Our guide was a great lady with fantastic humour who really made it different from the standard presentations we’d seen before.

After the short tour around the factory it was off to the little on site pub for the tastings. They gave everyone a free glass which was theirs to keep (considering this was a free tour as well and they just asked for a donation to a local charity was very unexpected) then we got to try three different beers. One of them was not available for sale yet as they use this site to try new brews. To say I don’t like beer much I found two of them surprisingly nice.

Not only did we get to taste the beer but we were taught the correct five point method on how to truly judge the beer.

After the tour we were told we could get a full sized free beer glass at a local bar if we bought a pint of the beer and it was actually cheaper than buying a glass in the gift shop so we wandered over for a pint and a bite to eat. Turns out they did a Sam Adams cider as well so I tried that and it really was nice. I ordered a portion of clam chowder in the bread bowl as I wasn’t sure when I’d next get to have some. The waitress brought a portion not in the bread bowl to start so I ended up getting two portions followed by some key lime pie which amazingly Raj had never tried before so we shared that along with cherry cheesecake which Al and Raj also shared.

We headed back to Raj’s home and went out with the family to the local bowling alley. The kids had been pretty shy with us up to this point so it was lovely to spend some more time with them.

After the bowling we picked up a few drinks (they didn’t have much so the boys got me a surprisingly nice margarita beer) and we introduced Raj and Priya to some English humour in form of hot fuzz.