Boston May 2014 - Day 8

Today was our last day and the family kindly offered to take us back to the airport but not before we had one last meal together. We stopped at a nice family friendly restaurant, Olive Garden. I think they are a popular chain in the US and we had some really nice Italian food. I have found that pretty much every bar I’ve had a margarita in here in the US is always good as well so I figured I better have one last one since I don’t have any reason to be coming back to the US in the near future.

Priya knew we were big shopping fans by now so even though our suitcases were full to bursting she took us to the nearby tj maxx. We really didn’t need anything else, or have the room but that didn’t stop us getting a couple more purchases in.

We got dropped off at the airport and said our goodbyes, we weren’t sure when we’d next get to see Raj let alone the family so we made them promise they would come visit us some day in the UK.
The flight was very uneventful apart from our cases being massively overweight and we were asked to pay or remove items. Given I had a business flight (i.e. booked through the business, not business class) I must get some small privilege as when she checked my booking to see what extra it would cost she said I wouldn’t need to but as we’d got the super cheapo flight for Al it was a case of stuffing our hand luggage to get rid of those last few kilos.

Boston and New England is a beautiful place made all the more special by the amazing hosts we had for the week, we only hope we’ll be able to reciprocate the hospitality in the not too distant future.