Africa - Day 0 - Departure to Africa (or so we thought)

Not being my usual organised self I was still packing the day we were due to set off. This meant we left a little later than planned but still plenty of time to get to our flight. With about 40 mins to go and 2hrs until check in closed the motorway was gridlocked. Turning on the travel news we heard both sides were closed due to a nine car pile up and an air ambulance needing to take off. As soon as we could we took the next junction but still hit huge jams. We called ahead to the check in desk only to be told if we were not there at 6pm for the flight at 7pm then it was too late. We arranged an upgrade to a parking meet and greet service and called our travel agent to find out what if anything we could do. In the end we were at the check in desk for 6.07pm, all the desks were closed and at the Air Kenya ticket desk they had also left for the night even though opening hours were till 7pm. Several other people had also missed the flight but there was no one to help. After some crying I was back on with the travel agent who was brilliant. He found a flight leaving the next day transferring through Zurich. Unfortunately our travel insurance doesn't cover missing fights due to traffic so £1400 out of pocket and a night spent sleeping in the airport we were back on track.