Africa - Day 1 - Nairobi

Not sure the extra money was worth my first visit to Switzerland or the metal cutlery they served us but at least it was something.
Also it was possibly the most painful flight I have had having come down with a cold the night before and my sinuses being totally blocked. Didn't manage to get any real sleep at the airport and none on the flight.
When we arrived in Nairobi I was feeling pretty crap with the lack of sleep and the cold, luckily the visa queues were not too long. The officer on duty was so friendly and gave us a 3 month visa so we wouldn't have to get a second one when we come back into Kenya on the return trip. That saved us $50 each which is a start and our first bit of good luck.
We had arranged a taxi to pick us up but as we had changed our plans despite emailing the hotel to let them know we were convinced no one would be there and we would have the hassle of haggling for one. To our amazement there was a chap holding a board with my name. Things in Kenya were going well.
We had missed the briefing but we got checked into the hotel and after a hot bath started to relax. Al met the tour leader and sorted our plans for the first full day. Our room was very basic but clean and just getting some sleep felt heavenly :-)