Africa - Day 11 - Golden Monkeys

So another early start and it begun with finding a gecko in our room just above the bed. I found this disturbing as where had he come from and where was he going to go. Al didn't care and just said he would find his own way out. Hmm, just hope he isn't about when I go to bed tonight. Today we had the luxury of travelling in a landrover and with seatbelts! I forgot to mention yesterday about our African massage, the roads on the way to the gorillas were not roads, more just dirt tracks with the world of humps and bumps so you really get thrown around and the locals term that the massage. After a 15 min wait to pay for the trip (again only one person ahead of us) we were given our permits. Our group was similar to yesterday so we were joined by the American father and daughter and the other British couple. A lady from South Africa and another British couple joined us. Today JP introduced himself as himself rather than Ryan from Australia. We did wonder whether anyone from yesterday noticed. The trek was so much easier than yesterday, practically flat and we were only walking for under an hour. The size of our group of monkeys was around 120-150 in number, they were everywhere. They had beautiful colours, and can only be found in the three adjoining national parks, this one in Rwanda and the other two in the democratic republic of Congo and Uganda. We spent the hour just watching them swing from the trees, sit and eat bamboo, which makes them drunk, and play fight. Once again I decided to focus on the video and let Al take the pics. We were in a section quite thick of bamboo shots and trees so I found it really hard to get the camera to focus on them. I was obviously mesmerised once more and before I knew it my 16 gig memory card was full! Luckily I had a couple of hundred pics from previous trips I could delete to get back some space. They were swinging above us without a care in the world when one of them decided to take a wee right on top of us, we managed to jump out of the way so didn't get hit too bad. We were back by 11.30am so after a shower and being able to use my hairdryer for the first time since the very first day when we started in a hotel it felt great (still not acceptable to wear down without using the ghds). After lunch we headed to the town with Karen, Julie and Wenda. The ladies were ingested in going to the market to see if they could find some nice fabrics. The market was packed tight with stalls, there were women sat behind sewing machines making clothes from the fabrics as people bought them. We got a few glances but no one hassled us which meant we could actually spend time looking around, the sad thing about most of the items in the market was that they were imported from China rather than being produced locally. We then walked to a craft shop the others had found earlier in the day and bought a few gifts including some Christmas presents. We found another supermarket so stocked up on pringles for the long journey back into Uganda tomorrow and I figured I would give a mars bar another go. Failed again, I am not even a fan of mars bars but I really want a proper tasting one now. Found another craft shop and bought ourselves a lovely bowl with a zebra handle to remind us of the trip. At tea Leilei told us we have an even earlier start and breakfast is at 5am so the alarm has been set for 4.40am