Africa - Day 12 - Lake Muburo

So we left on time and were soon at the boarder between Rwanda and Uganda as we start our long drive back. We stopped off for an amazing photo opportunity where the three mountains of Rwanda, Uganda and DRC can be seen. Today is really misty so we really lucked out with the weather for the gorilla and monkey treks. Today's drive seemed to take forever, we left the nice flat roads of Rwanda behind us and enjoyed (or not) more African massages. The group had voted for the walking safari at lake muburo this evening rather than getting up early tomorrow morning. The campsite is well off the main road inside the national park so we enjoyed a mini game drive along the way. Nothing we hadn't already seen but it was nice to see some more zebra and there were loads of warthogs. This is probably the most basic campsite with drop toilets and very basic showers. The girls had already decided that it was going to be a face wipes kind of a wash in the morning. The site itself however basic was picturesque, we are right on the edge of the lake and the are loads of warthog and impala walking around along with some cheeky looking monkeys. Leilei was great, he said he would put up the tents for us while we went on our walk in the park. It was a nice walk but it terms of animal spotting again nothing new. We are going to leave here only seeing 4 of the big 5 but the gorillas make up for that. When we got back there was a great campfire going and we all sat around after tea listening to Elisha tell us facts about Uganda. The sky is amazing around here, no light pollution so the stars show up perfectly.