Africa - Day 15 - Eldoret

Woke up today feeling terrible, the combination of sunburn, lack of sleep and aching muscles from the rafting. It doesn't help that it's the upper abs that hurt and every time I cough I can feel the pain. No one else looked very happy either. Worse of all however had to be Ryan, apparently he had stayed up till the bar closed with the rafting guides deciding whether or not to talk to the group of twenty Norwegian girls that arrived late that night. Not surprising though as he had a fair few of those sambuca shots. Today is a long driving day back to the campsite with the pool we stayed at near the start of the holiday. We made an early start in case we had delays at the boarder, we were so lucky and got through quickly and smoothly. Today's drive seemed to last forever, we have had a fantastic trip but I won't miss the truck journeys. We made it in good time to the camp and were all looking forward to chilling by the pool. Around five minutes after the tents were up the rain started so it was to the bar instead. We did get them to light the fire for us and Hayley found marshmallows for our hot chocolates :-) This was our final night together so Lelei went round the group asking everyone for their highlights and lowlights. Pretty much everyone said the gorillas and there wasn't many lowlights. We couldn't have asked for a better crew or group of people to share it with.