Africa - Day 3 - Lake Nakuru to Eldoret

So our first night camping was a success, we both slept well, hadn't been eaten by some animal and despite the rain in the night we were dry. The alarm went off early; a quick shower (which was actually warm) and a drink then we were back on the truck for the second game drive. Once again the bird life was enormous, a hippo was spotted in the distance and gave us a nice morning yawn. We still only got to see his head again though. Next came another large family of baboons, we stayed for about ten minutes just watching them play and interact. People kept spotting larger animals in the distance but they just turned out to be more buffalo. So far they are possibly the most common animal we have seen. More gazelle, zebra and impala were spotted then we hit the jackpot. Up ahead we could see other trucks gathering, at first it was impossible to see what they were looking at as the animals are very well camouflaged in this environment. On closer inspection we spotted a male lion on the prowl, apparently it is quite rare to see one at this game park. He looked like he could be hunting an impala which was just starting at him and moving very slowly, finally as the lion approached closer and closer the impala ran off. The lion didn't bother chasing and headed under a tree for a lie down. This park has the biggest population of rhino and although we had a sighting from a distance yesterday now we got to see one much closer. The next better sighting we had of an animal from yesterday was a hyena skulking round a flock of birds who just flew away a couple of meters every time it got closer. We then headed back to camp stopping once more for another view of the cheeky baboons. We packed up the camp and had lunch but before we left we got a great sighting of the buffalo from the evening taking a mud bath. We then had a quick trip to the town for supplies, obviously we stocked up on essentials, haribo, pringles and water. At the checkout desk I found some Kenyan chocolate bar for ten shillings (about 7 pence) so thought it would be rude not to try some (just in case it didn't turn out so well my backup chocolate bar was a dairy milk), let's just say not every chocolate is good and backup chocolate was definitely required. We now had a 4 hour drive ahead of us en route to a campsite where we would spend the night before another full day traveling to Uganda. When we arrived at the campsite we were pleasantly surprised, other than a couple of evil looking geese which Al chased away there were no ants, buffalo or anything else invading the camp. The toilets were very clean and we had hot showers. Earlier in the day the guide had told us that there was a very nice pool, we weren't sure if this would be very nice by Kenyan standards only but it was lovely and the bar was amazing with a gorgeous fireplace in the middle and wonderful carvings dotted around. Some of the boys were straight into the pool after putting up the tents, personally I didn't think it was that warm but did sit in the edge with my feet dipped in chatting with the other girls.
There are twelve travellers in our group including us, two other couples, one from Ireland, JP and Hayley and Jono and Robin from Australia. One lady, Wanda, is from the Yukon area in Canada, Chris is the other British guy and the rest of the group is from Australia, Ryan, Karen, Bec and Julie.
We enjoyed another great cooked meal from Cosmos then headed to the bar for a couple of drinks and got to know each other better before another early night as once again we have an early start with a full day driving to Uganda tomorrow.