Africa - Day 5 - Kampala to Kigale

Today we had the luxury of a lie in, I still heard people getting up at 5.30  but our alarm wasn't until 6.30 so back to sleep for me. After breakfast we headed to a shopping mall, it was a huge supermarket with everything you could think of. They even had hello kitty lunch boxes and a whole aisle full of Xmas decorations. We had another 30 mins before leaving and found a gorgeous craft shop. It was a fairtrade shop and all the items were made by the local women. I could have spent all day and all my money in there. Unlike Egypt and Marrakech it was nice to be able to take the time to look at everything and not be hassled or have to haggle. They had some gorgeous hand made Christmas ornaments so I had to buy a few. It was another full day on the bus and the novelty of all the villages and sights from yesterday had worn off. I was desperate to do something active, but being stuck on a truck (we have found out they don't like it being called a bus) it was either chatting with the group or listening to the iPod. We stopped by the side of the road for lunch where I had to experience using the outdoor facilities for the first ever time, well at least in my adult lifetime anyway. I can say I don't have any desire to try it again either it was most awkward. Speaking of needing to go we later found out that on the first night that after seeing the buffalo in the camp and Ryan needing to go late in the night and being sure he had seen some sort of animal with tusks lurking about outside that he had not wanted to leave the tent so had resorted to the empty water bottle technique. This was also the same night he slept under his camping mattress as he didn't bring a sleeping bag with him and had hoped to buy one on the first day but was too ill as he adjusted to the malaria medication. Once again we were watched by children as we ate lunch, the boys had bought a football so they had a quick game with the locals. We also saw a herd of cows with the biggest horns I have ever seen.
Back on the bus and another few hours of driving, our guide laylay had told us the landscape would be changing as we entered the tea plantations. The landscape was magnificent and there was a lovely aroma in the air. As we pulled up to our camp, chimpanzee lodge I could not believe the views, we are on a hillside and looking out over a lake, the tea fields and can see the mountains in the distance. I think the only place I have stayed with as better view was in the daintree rainforest in Australia.
Once again there was a lovely bar to hang out in and luckily straight after we had put up the tents the storm started as we all sat out on the veranda of the bar. It could possibly be the most spectacular storm I have ever seen with amazing fork lightning. The Australians of the group seemed to find it amusing how impressed we were with the storm as something like this would not be uncommon for them. I am still suffering with the cold so still on the soft drinks but Al is enjoying the local beer.
The local dog has made friends with group and its so friendly, his name is spot and he must be used to all the attention from westerners missing their own pets. Leaving the bar that night we heard the strangest of noises it was like something out of a serial killer movie, we think it was just some water pipes but let's hope we are still around in the morning