Africa - Day 8 - Lake Nburo

This morning we heard that we were visited by hippos last night and their footprints could still be seen. Another amusing story which emerged over breakfast was how becs had to remove a toad from Chris  and Ryan's room. Ryan went to one of the other cabins hoping to find another guy then as becs opened the door he realised he had picked the only room with two girls so had to admit to needing to be rescued :-)
We made good time on the travelling today and as a group we decided to skip lunch until we arrived at the campsite. Leilei managed to get through to the campsite last night and reserved treehouses for all of us. The views were amazing, the tree house was a permanent tent with a double bed and a chair and a small balcony overlooking the lake. Definitely worth the upgrade and not having to put up and down the tent again. After lunch we hired a traditional dugout canoe to explore the lake. The lake is the deepest in Uganda and third deepest in the world. After moaning about not being enough exercise after 5 mins of paddling I was done. I suppose with the running I am not really used to using my arms. Al was great at it though so I let him do the work while I worked on my tan (or actually mosi bites it turns out). The boys went swimming in the lake and jumped from what I would term the death diving board. It consisted of a wooden board on top of a tree you had to climb, you would have had to pay me a lot to jump from it.
There was a lovely campfire to chill out by tonight and believe it or not I had my first alcoholic drink of the holiday. Still can't shift the cold though so it might be my only one of the trip. Getting desperate for a hot shower now, 2 days in a row and its been cold. I also got a good look in a mirror, it's not a pretty sight, must try and find my tweezers later and can't wait to reunite with my ghds :-)