Holidays are odd, 2 weeks feels like forever, especially when you're somewhere new every day. Thinking back to that first night in the van in a carpark by a reservoir the memory is vivid and at the same time aged. And yet today I have been back at work and it feels like nothing has really changed.

So this was our first proper holiday in a campervan, we had at most 2 nights away last year in the Bongo but this straight into over 2 weeks in the van with a fresh roof conversion that we'd never all slept in even for a single night. High risk. In the end though I think it's cemented the idea that campervan holidays are for us.

I'm glad that coronavirus gave us the opportunity to do the NC500 over such a long time, normally I don't think we'd have put aside over 2 weeks for driving holiday in the UK, not given how much of Europe we'd love to go and see in our campervan. We were able to take a very leisurely pace round the route and really savour the experience. I would have certainly enjoyed it with less time, and not known what I'd missed, but from my current perspective I'm thankful the way it worked out.

I've also started to plan our what our next, larger, van might be like. A Ducato/Boxer/Relay (all the same vehicle underneath) L4 H2 or H3 (length 4; 6.4m long and height 2 or 3; 1.93m or 2.17m internal height), a fixed double bed with two singles underneath, built in shower, air suspension, I have a whole list of things and drawings in my head. This is for a few years from now though. In the short term we need to get a heater fitted to Evie. Most likely I'll get an underslung LPG tank fitted and a propex gas heater, this way I can run the heater and the hob off the LPG tank and get back the internal space where the current gas safe is.

Also a few tweaks to the internal layout, the cupboards under the sink and hob would be more useful if they had shelves in. Hopefully I should be able to sort these things out fairly easily. I have grand ideas about redoing the whole of the interior cupboads, but honestly, that's rather unlikely. Still, I can dream.

Overall though we're all very much looking forward to getting away again in it, hopefully to Europe next year.