Overnight the rains had returned and the morning in Glencoe was wet. Still, we had plans. We were going to go to the Glencoe mountain resort for some tubing down the dry slope.

Basically these are rubber rings with a protective cover that you sit in and slide down the slope. Thankfully by the time we arrived the rain had paused, but the extra water meant that the slope was a little faster, and combined with my, ahem, mass, the first time I went down from the top I slammed into the "cushioning" with such force that had I not been wearing a helmet I would surely have been concussed.

Naturally Robert had a whale of a time flying down 😁 and Liliya enjoyed some more sedate sliding with me using my feet as brakes. We timed the whole thing well as nearly as soon as we got back in the van the rain started again.

Our plan had been to get down to Gretna Green where we'd booked into a campsite for the night, but as it was only 2.5 hours from where we were planning to stop for a few days, and with the weather being so bad, we were thinking of maybe skipping the Gretna stop and just powering through.

To break the journey up we stopped at Luss just on Loch Lomond where we'd heard they had a nice fairy trail for kids to follow. Indeed it was and we spent a lovely hour and a half walking through the woods spotting the fairy doors and houses and solving the puzzles. Again our timing was exquisite as as soon as we got back to the van the rain came down again. And didn't let up for the rest of the day.

The weather really decided it for us. We'd spent 2 and a bit weeks in the van already, we'd finished the planned route, the rest was just motorway driving, best to get it done.