After enjoying a long hot (get our money’s worth) shower we’re off for a walk around Hafod estate, an area of natural beauty. There were 4 choices of routes and after some recent harder walks we opted for the 2.25 mile route around the lake and waterfall.

The walk took about 90 minutes with time for the kids to throw rocks into the streams of course.

Along the route we came across a couple of Highland coos, typical we find them here when we barely saw any on our trip around Scotland.

We also spotted a red kite. As we were heading back up the hill right in front of us was another Highland coo, it was right in our path and I had flashbacks of a bull incident with my dad when I was a child so wanted to make sure no one was charged at.

Al took one for the team slowly trying to get it out of the way so we could get over the style and into safety. At this point the kids are way too hot and end up stripping off to just their waterproof dungarees.

On the way over we saw a sign advertising a butterfly world so we decide to visit after lunch because at least it will be dry and warm (and there doesn’t seem much else to do in this area beyond walking). Back in the moho and now it’s just a matter of how to actually get there. Sat nav keeps trying to take us down very steep single track roads which don’t seem appealing, there isn’t much traffic about even on the main roads but we’ve been on some dodgy roads already so far.

We eventually make it, although it probably took double the amount of time and still required navigating some narrow lanes. The place was extremely small but they had plenty of different varieties of butterflies and moths along with stick insects, fish, beetles, spiders and a few other insects. We were fortunate to see a couple of the world’s largest moths. They can be in their chrysalises for up to 5 years and then only live for 2 weeks! They don’t have mouths so can’t feed, hence their short life span.

The guests are encouraged to interact with the butterfly by dipping their fingers in sugar water and encouraging the butterflies to come onto your hands. Robert loved this as on the big adventure he was rather upset that they didn’t land on him and over the time we were there he must have had at least 20.

Liliya loved the idea but was a bit unsure about them being on her hands but she soon got into it as well. Along with the butterflies we also saw the world’s largest beetle, a vampire crab and a yellow poisonous frog.

Tonight is our last night in the moho and it’s a lemon chicken and rice dish for tea. It couldn’t have been more disappointing but Al has saved the day by bringing back hot chocolate, marshmallows and cookies for us all to have before bed.