Amazingly we’re all up and awake on time to get to the VR experience within miniature wonderland. We had to book this as the wonderland tickets had all sold out and this was the only way to get to visit with a combo ticket. It’s just a short 10 minute experience where you walk through a land travelling through time then get to interact with the surroundings like taking a boat ride, painting some people then catching a train home and shooting things in the way.

I’ve never actually done one even though they’ve been around for ages now and it was very immersive. Wasn’t sure how Liliya would get on but she talked about the painting and boat rides so must have been able to follow along.

Then at 8.30am we’re finished and ready to explore the miniature wonderland which, according to the Guinness World Records, is the largest model railway system in the world. Fun fact we discovered whilst viewing miniature wonderland within the wonderland is that it’s located at the historic Speicherstadt which is a UNESCO world heritage site 😂.

I think I can be confident tomorrow’s water park will not feature therefore breaking our current four day streak.

I love a miniature village and my gosh this place is incredible, the attention to detail and hidden features were wonderful.

It’s spread over four floors covering 1,490m2 there are 260k figures, it cost 39m euros, 9250 cars, 1040 trains, 385k leds, 760k hours to build, 15.4km train tracks, 4110 buildings and 130k trees!

You could go around this place 100 times and probably always spot something new. What’s also really cool is that every 15 mins it turns from day to night when you get a completely different experience such as Las Vegas, the fairground or the Christmas village.

The scenes are also interactive with 100s buttons to turn lights on, make people / cars move. The best one had to be at the lindt chocolate factory where it actually delivered a tiny bar of chocolate to you to keep and eat!

After 2.5hrs we knew we needed to move the moho as we’d reached the maximum parking time limit and we were no where near done so thankfully they let us have a reentry stamp to come back after lunch.

I had recently reached out to a lady we met in Kotor earlier this her. She had said if we were ever near her home town of Lubeck to let them know. I knew on our packed agenda we wouldn’t have time to make a detour but it turns out she works in Hamburg so we arranged to meet up for a drink over lunch.

It was lovely to chat about our various trips and nice to get some local tips. It was a 15 minute walk through the city back to the wonderland and along the way we found a bombed out church which has had a lift installed to get a view from the top.

Back at wonderland and we spent another 3hrs there! Turns out we accidentally missed some areas as well as when I was looking up the facts I read about Venice on the website and we definitely didn’t see that!

En route back to the moho and the kids spot a park so of course we have to spend 10 minutes there. It was a 30 minute walk and even though there was no moaning I know there will be a good chance of falling asleep on the 90 minute drive so I ply them with snacks and put on a movie.