Las Vegas & Boston May 2014

So I'm back again in Las Vegas for the fifth time now. Once again it's for work so extremely hectic with not much time for socializing but I do meet up with my friend Veronica who I met last time at impact and we dine at the beautiful sushi samba before going to Lavo nightclub for a boogie where of course I end up bumping into some IBMers also here for the conference and a couple of customers so end up having a few drinks with them and arranging to meet later in the week.

The social residency I'm on is great fun and nice to get to some of the sessions for a change but still very hectic. Another night a bunch of us from Hursley take a walk down the strip and go on the big wheel which had some great views of the strip all lit up then afterwards I meet with Raj and Paul who I'd met this time last year at the Rio and we end up in the Marquee nightclub which was incredible, unfortunately Raj wasn't wearing the correct attire so Paul and I ran in to say hi to a couple of people who had got us in on the guest list then we found a quiet bar for a few drinks and had a great catch up.

The next night Imagine Dragons were playing, can't say I'd heard of any of their material apart from the chorus of the final song then after that we got into a business partner party in V bar which was great fun then I met up with another couple of ibmers I knew from the conference scene and we went for a boogie at Pure nightclub in Caesers palace ending the night bumping into another crowd and had a few more cocktails.

Needless to say the following evening I was due an early night so went for a quiet drink with Dave a customer I'd met while out with Veronica and he introduced me to a green drink which I still can't remember the name of or what was in it.

The final night I enjoyed a lovely meal down the strip with a colleague and one of those ridiculous oversized margaritas before enjoying a few drinks at red square in Mandalay Bay and going into the ice lounge where you have to wear big Russian style coats and hats then drink a large shot of ice cold vodka. A few more drinks later then I head to Tao nightclub for some more dancing.

The next day we fly to Boston but I actually have some time to see the sunshine so I meet Dave and we enjoy a few more cheeky cocktails at the day club Tao beach before I head off to the flight.

The flight isn't great and I don't get any sleep but soon myself, Chris and Raj have arrived at his wonderful home and get to finally meet his lovely family before getting a few more hours sleep.

Al arrives mid afternoon with the British gifts I’d asked him to bring over; a selection of traditional sweets for the kids and other English foods for Raj and Priya. Al insisted on bringing over some marmite, I warned them it was horrible and they didn’t have to be polite about trying it. Raj in true form however was straight in there. Fair play to him for giving it a go but he wasn’t much of a fan. He even tried mixing it with nutella which he insisted was a lot better but I imagine if they don’t throw it out it will be there the next time we return. Luckily the chocolate orange was enjoyed however.

Priya made us a lovely Indian lunch, I had warned her I can’t eat spicy food so not to be offended if I couldn’t eat it but that wasn’t a problem and was really tasty. After lunch we took a trip to an outlet mall where obviously we ended up buying crossfit gear and other bargains.

Other than that it's a fairly quiet night as we all still adjust to the timezone / sleep deprivation from the previous few days.