Las Vegas - February 2014

Rather than give a day by day account of our time in Las Vegas I'm going to mention the highlights and the extra curricular activities since we were here on a work trip but we did manage to fit in some fun.

I arrived a day earlier than the rest of the team because I was doing different work which started earlier. My first night was therefore pretty uneventful but I needed to occupy myself somehow otherwise I'd end up sleeping too early when I knew my body clock would need all the help it could get to not wake up too early anyway. So after a quick walk up the strip I fancied a cocktail and ended up in coyote ugly. I saw the movie years ago and its pretty similar, attractive ladies standing on the bar dancing every so often. It was two for one on drinks and having no one to share with I had to have two Margaritas. During the evening they got the crowd playing various games, some as couples, groups or girls against boys. One of the games involved 2 teams girls v boys with various dancing moves then downing shots. The guys won so one of the women had to forfeit her bra which the guys then got one chance each to get 'stuck' on the ceiling. There must have been hundreds so obviously not that hard. Didn't see any male items so not sure what their forfeit would have been had the girls won. Just when I thought I was safe watching the carnage from afar I got pulled in by one of the waitress to play a group game with some other random ladies and a hula hoop. Luckily it wasn't too bad we just had to pass the hoop over and under so as we stood in a line holding hands. Clearly we won as the guys were less flexible and we got free shots. Next we were all asked up onto the stage to dance so I thought why not at least I can claim to have danced on stage with the girls from Coyote Ugly. I was tempted to stay out for more cocktails but managed to behave and was in bed for midnight and then still woke up at 5am the next morning so headed to the gym for an early session before work started.
I'm staying at New York New York, the hotel is no Venetian but its nice enough with a view of the roller coaster than I will go on this time!

Later that day the rest of the team, including Al arrived so we all walked up the strip to one of my favorite places, Margaritaville. Sadly the food options weren't as great as the last time I was here but the frozen margaritas were still worth the 30 minute walk up the strip and as always in Vegas its nice to get some "fresh" air.
Two of the team hadn't been to Vegas before so they were pretty shocked at all the over the top things Vegas has to offer which wasn't helped when as we were eating a girl 'exploded' out of a volcano and slid down into a massive cocktail bowl.

The next night Al, I and another colleague headed out to the outlet shops where obviously Al bought more shoes and we picked up some crossfit gear. We ate in a fantastic sushi restaurant with some great cocktails then walked back to the hotel where we finally saw the famous Vegas sign, only took me four visits.

Once we got back we ended up having a drink with another colleague in a lovely chilled out lounge bar. A guy stumbles in completely hammered and starts engaging us in conversation. He's making no sense whatsoever but keeps trying to phone someone, luckily for us his friends walk past which he only noticed because he was eyeing up some skinny young girl with them.

The following night we ended up getting invited to a suite for a business partner party, pretty cool with lovely views over the strip from the balcony, after that we were on the guest list for the hakkasan night club. I have to admit the night gets a little blurry but it was an awesome club with great music.

Another night I get six of us to go on the new York roller coaster, for once I'm not hung over or too busy, it was fun enough then we headed back to the business partner suite for more balcony drinks.

On the last day I finally had some time to walk up the strip and found a great tk maxx style store, bought 2 Calvin Klein dresses, couple of sweaters and a ball dress for under $100!

Time to head to San Francisco!