New York - Day Four

Some success today as I sleep until 7am and the news of the polar vortex is increasing on all the local TV channels. As we are getting ready for breakfast we can see the snow starting to stick to the roads so although it should be really good to see New York covered in snow we need to get prepared as today we are heading to the statue of liberty and walking up to the crown.
Al didn’t bring any sensible shoes for the snow so it’s a quick morning visit to Macy’s to try pick some up. What a wonderful shop, we see some of the original wooden escalators as we hunt for the men’s shoe department.

Once there the usual excellent service you come to expect from the American’s is in full force as Al is being looked after by a chap surrounded by snow boots. He finally finds a pair and it’s off to the statue of liberty.

The snow is coming down thick and fast now and its rather impossible to walk head on into the winds. We find the ticket deck and we are in luck as the boat is still running although they expect it will come back sooner than planned. Unfortunately they hadn’t contacted us to say this otherwise we’d have tried to get on an earlier crossing.

Never mind, 20 minutes of waiting we get onto the boat, by this time we can’t see a thing until we are much closer and I was so glad we’d taken some pictures yesterday of the statue.

Once we get to the island we have to check in our bags and a security guard is shouting at us to hurry up because they are closing the island. Grr, we’ve only just arrived, we pay to check my tiny purse which is smaller than some people’s camera cases and head in the lift to start the climb up the crown. Unfortunately we are aware we won’t get to see anything from up there but the fact we’ll have been now we are here was worth it. Two steps up then the people in front start turning around, we are too late. They have decided they are not letting any more people up and we have to get off the island.

Unfortunately this has completely ruined our day as if they’d have cancelled from the start we could at least have gone and enjoyed something else but never mind, how many people get to visit in a snow storm :-) We have a run around the museum before leaving assuming we’ll rebook for another day so no point reading too much about it and we don’t want to miss the last ferry.

Back on the mainland the weather has not eased off so we hunt for the closest pub to enjoy a drink and some food. We end up in a place called the dead rabbit advertising to have nice cocktails and specialty pies which works for both of us. The place is really cute inside although there is only one other person downstairs and another couple in the food area. We order the chicken pie and beef pie to share, Al tries a random real ale and I have their own signature cocktail. Can’t remember what it was but jeeze it was strong, tequila based and I couldn’t even finish it.

The pies were indeed as advertised and very yummy, now to decide what to do next in the midst of the storm. We were very close to wall street and the 9/11 memorial but it was just so cold and stormy that we headed for the first clothing store we could find. Our first experience of Century 21, imagine TK Maxx but several floors and way more chaotic. Never come here unless you know what you want. We spent a while perusing the goodies and picked up some mega bargains Calvin Klein jeans £20 and crossfit nanos £30, don’t mind if I do thanks. After a quick stop back at the hotel to drop things off we head out for the night to watch a film. I’d done some research before coming to NY about the best cinema. They had hundreds to choose from in different categories, so I picked the Ziegfeld. It was one of the last remaining movie palaces which seats over 1300 people! The walls are covered in lush curtains and the décor is from the 30s / 40s. The restrooms were insanely decorated too. There is only a single screen and we were lucky that the Wolf of Wall Street was showing as we had wanted to see that for a while and what better than while in New York.

Before heading home we decided to check out another recommendation, The Ginger Man. Seems this is a very popular spot with IBMers given it has over 70 beers on tap. Obviously not my kind of place but certainly up Al’s street and I was sure they’d have something for me to drink. The place was only a couple of blocks from our hotel and had a feel of a local pub but slightly trendier. It still amuses me that you get asked for ID everywhere in the US. We took a couple of stools at the bar and were served by a very friendly and knowledgeable lady. Seems she has to try every one of the beers on tap to be able to recommend them. Al told her he sort of ale he liked and she suggested a few, I on the other hand explained that cocktails were more my thing and I had a very sweet tooth. They did have a couple of ciders on tap so she brought over some samples. Wow, it tasted just like apple pie, I’ll have a pint of that please.

We ended up staying longer than planned as she brought out several more tasters and I found a raspberry beer that also tasted like pop.

A perfect end to a white out of a day.