New York - Day Six

So despite the cold I was really keen to get out and see more of New York today, Chinatown was on the list so we head down there on the tube. We had another early start so people were only just opening up shops as we arrived.

It soon became clear that it really was too cold to be walking about and not much seemed to be going on, probably because of the fact it was so cold out. We headed in the direction of little Italy when I asked Al to find us anything to do in the area which was indoors. The first thing he found which was highly rated on trip advisor was the tenement museum so we gave it a try. Prices weren't cheap at $25 each and I had no idea what to expect. They have several tours so we just booked onto the next available one which was Sweatshop workers. Sounded rather dull but I would have done anything to get out of the cold. We couldn't have been more surprised. I knew nothing about the tenements in New York and it was great going into an abandoned apartment seeing how people used to live. The girl giving our tour was very knowledgeable and friendly and took us through the life’s of a couple of families who lived in the building. Definitely glad we found this tour by accident.

Next stop was lunch and we’d been wanting to try Katz’s deli since Al watched it on Man versus Food the TV show.

They are well known for their corned beef and / or pastrami filled sandwiches.

Personally I couldn't face the size of the sandwiches and still had to try a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel whilst in New York anyway so I went for that whilst Al went for the pastrami sandwich. Both were excellent and I can see why this place made it onto the TV show out of the 100s of restaurants in New York. We even accidentally ended up sitting at the table where they filmed “that” scene from where Harry met Sally.

So we’d warmed up for a while but couldn’t stay out for too long, in the nearby area we had seen there was a Ukrainian museum and given my grandfather was Ukrainian we thought it would be worth a visit. They clearly don’t get many visitors here as the lady at the reception was very surprised we’d come to visit and on such a cold day. We weren’t sure what to expect, whether this would be a museum about Ukrainian immigrants to New York or otherwise. Turns out it was mainly an art museum but there was an interesting display of propaganda posters from around the time of the Russian civil war.

The lady also explained that the Christmas tree wasn't late coming down because Christmas is later in the Ukraine, which I remember as a child since we always had another get together in January at the grandparents house.

We head back towards the hotel but via a stop off to Times Square, after last nights disaster on Broadway I’m determined to see a big production so we wait in line and manage to get tickets to see Cinderella, three rows from the front so should be a great view.
Time for my first starbucks here in New York then a break and warm up before tonight’s show.

Much more my cup of tea, Cinderella was fantastic; Quite a twist on the original story which was nice though and kept the audience guessing.

After the show we found a yakatori restaurant for dinner which was beautiful, loads of small dishes cooked right in front of us (including my favourite, giant prawn) and washed down with a house cocktail.