New York - Day Eight & Nine

Our final day in New York and thankfully the temperature has improved slightly so we can go on a nice shopping spree. I’m not usually a shopping fan but how can you not be here in New York, especially during the sales. Luckily we are placed in a nice central location so we can keep popping back after each couple of shops to drop off our goodies. Macy’s, Century 21, Bloomingdales and Victoria Secret where were we got some of our best bargains.

We also tried our final cupcakes of the trip in Bloomingdales (just a mini one, shopping needs energy), again not overly impressed but thankfully I’ve enjoyed some good cocktails this trip. One of our final shops of the day is to FAO Schwartz where the big piano is from the film Big, so naturally I have a quick go before we head home.

We had planned to go for a nice meal on our last night out but by the time we get home its already gone 9pm. We have an early flight in the morning and I’ve also not been to a roof top bar for cocktails. Obviously the cocktails were more important so we head to a place recommended by a couple of people and try out 230 Fifth. It has a lovely rooftop bar with warm blankets and heaters but not even they are enough in this weather so once we’ve had a look outside its back in for a cocktail.

I must say there wasn’t a huge list to choose from so I suspect the reason it gets good recommendations are for the views on a nice evening rather than the drinks selection.

On the way home we stop off at our local newsagents / food bar to grab a takeaway (which we’d tried earlier in the day and the food was surprisingly tasty) before heading to bed.

In the morning we are due to be picked up by our good friends supershuttle. We were at most 2 minutes late getting to the reception and asked the receptionist if anyone had been to ask for us. Turns out not but after 10 minutes our bus still isn’t here. The hotel give the company a call and apparently the driver said he came to pick us up, asked at reception and we weren’t there. The hotel were great and made sure the company knew their driver was not telling the truth but even so they happily just said they’d issue a refund rather than send the driver back for us. Luckily it wasn’t hard to get a cab to take us instead but it did mean we were waiting in the airport for rather a long time so I was glad we had some TV shows to watch while we waited. We also were lucky in that we got a complete 5row of 5 seats all to ourselves which made the flight back much more comfortable as I could have a nice lie down. So all in all despite the bitterly cold weather a fantastic holiday and I’d definitely like to go back in the summer as there would be so much more to do.