New York - Day One

So its pretty smooth sailing getting to the airport well ahead of our flight but after missing the plane to Africa that time we took no chances. A lovely spot of lunch and booze tasting in duty free and we were off. The flight wasn't too busy so had a little extra room to spread out and we arrived at JFK airport and breezed though security.

Now given the amount of travelling we do I suppose its to be expected that we'll experience some troubles along the way but we weren't best pleased when we spent the next two hours waiting to leave the airport.

Being the organised person I am we'd booked our hotel transportation in advanced via super shuttle. Never had any problems with these types of services before, they do take a bit longer but end up saving you some cash. As we checked in we were given a thirty minute wait time which seemed long as it was but after forty minutes of waiting to be told it was just at the other terminal and should be here soon we kept waiting. Another fifteen minutes and still nothing, at this point had we jumped in a taxi we'd be at the hotel but again we were promised just give more minutes. Trying to keep calm I ask the staff to call and find out what's going on, no one is really sure at this point and they make us a new booking. So I call them up to make a compliant only to be told the driver just hadn't come, they weren't even going to have told us and they weren't really sure when the next bus would be here. No apology or anything, just we'll process your claim and you'll find out in 7 days if we'll offer you a refund. We tally should have just got in a taxi now but with all this sunk cost and promise of a driver we stupidly waited. So he does eventually turn up but then part two of the terrible journey begins, its off to two other terminals to pick up more passengers but with ridiculously long wait times. The others on the bus are also wondering if they are going to make there connections.

When we finally start heading into Manhattan the driver seems unaware of where he is going and completely misses one guys stop despite being thirty seconds away and him shouting to stop and just let him out. Everyone's pretty shocked at this point and one guy just tells the driver to stop and he'll get a cab. Three hours later we finally get to our hotel having missed the start of our dinner reservation and the driver insists we haven't paid. Final straw we just hand over our prepaid voucher and walk away. The staff at the hotel are lovely, they can see we've had a pretty stressful time and we fondly start to see some of that amazing American customer service. Check in is a breeze despite not having the right paperwork they tell us not to worry and we'll sort it out in the morning.

The quickest change and its back downstairs to finally head too the restaurant. The concierge had told us he'd grab us a cab as soon we came back but then he was sorry to inform us but the road had just been blocked off by some fire engines so nothing would be coming past. He did promise that a short walk however to the end of the street and we'd have no problem finding a ride.

One if the things on my to do list was haling a cab from the side of the road like in the movies and sure enough within a few seconds of sticking my arm out we get picked up and are on our way.

The restaurant, Del Frisco's, is lovely and the staff fantastic, full of passion about the menu and making sure we were well looked after. First order of business was to order a cocktail, pineapple infused vodka, hit the spot. I'd have eaten pretty much anything at this point but opted for the special of three 'mini' steaks with different sauces.

When the food arrived it was pretty overwhelming, between the four of us we appeared to have a whole cow. They were the biggest steaks I've ever seen and cooked to perfection.

So things are finally going to plan, amazing food, great cocktails and excellent company with our friends Matt and Sarah who we've been saying we needed to catch up with for a while then do so in New York of all places despite living around the corner comparatively to each other :-)
The desserts sounded lovely but it was a struggle just to eat my main so we washed it down instead with another cocktail (pomegranate margarita).

We decided to walk home via times square, it was at this point as I got out the camera to take a picture that I noticed I'd lost it! We ran back to the restaurant and luckily the staff had found it, it was almost 2am by this point so we decided not to back to times square but instead go straight to the hotel. The short walk back was freezing so tomorrow I think I'll be using all the ski gear we brought.

Perfect end to our first day and looking forward to our first full day out tomorrow.