New York - Day Seven

Today we take our first proper stroll down Fifth Avenue, tomorrow will be our real shopping day but we thought we’d scope it out as we head down to tick off a few more sights including New York Public Library, Grand Central Terminal and the Chrysler building.
We find the Reebok crossfit store and take a sneaky look, so much cool stuff, now just to decide what to buy when we return. Our first stop is to the library and what a beautiful building it is, we take a quick look around spotting some temporary exhibits and also find the Guttenberg bible.

Next stop is Grand Central Terminal, we wander around getting the obvious tourist photos and then same again at the Chrysler building, which to be honest doesn’t have anything really interesting to see, it’s more the view of it at night from top of a high spot which is the photo opportunity.

Time for lunch and trip advisor tells us there is a nearby hole in the wall selling nothing but 99 cents margarita pizza. It gets great reviews so as we are looking for just a quick lunch we give it a try; yep spot on, really good pizza. Time to get the subway up to the museums so it’s back into grand central where we walk through a lovely farmers market and round off our pizza with a cupcake. I go for oreo, Al chooses a slightly healthier sounding carrot. They were ok, so far I can’t say I’ve been particularly wowed by any of the cupcakes we’ve tried given NY is supposed to be known for good cupcakes.

The first museum we go to is the Guggenheim, we were hoping we could get in free with our corporate badges but sadly IBM stopped sponsoring the museum a few years back (and incidentally all the ones where we could get free entry were already included on our city pass).

We were told on arrival that the spiral part of the building was closed so got in for a reduced price which was fair enough. We loved the one in Bilbao so thought we'd check it out anyway as the other galleries were still open. As with these museums I guess it depends on the display on show at the time as to whether you’ll enjoy it. I can't recall the lady's name but it was a series of photographs through her lifetime and I usually love old photos but these were more staged to tell a story. There were 2 levels full of her work so if its not your thing there wasn't much else so it was sadly a little disappointing.

We headed out to the Metropolitan Museum of Art next stopping along the way in Central Park for some lovely views of the semi frozen lake.

We could only face a few floors of the museum as I’m sure you’d need a good few days to really appreciate everything this place has to show. We chose a few exhibits we were most interested in including some Japanese art then needed a sit down so headed over to an Irish bar in Times Square where we met up with a couple of friends we’d gone to university with, Simon and Jez.
It was great to catch up and Simon’s fiancee joined us then we enjoyed a lovely meal (plus some great cocktails) out at a nearby Brazilian restaurant.