New York - Day Three

Getting better, woke up at 6am today giving me time to write up yesterday and plan the days activities. Its Martin Luther King day and we had been looking forward to watching a parade we'd read about online but when we asked the staff last night they'd heard nothing about this and found it amusing the we thought they might have one in this freezing weather. So back to the drawing board and choose another item from the list.

We hear the polar vortex is coming for us tomorrow so decide that the best trip today is the boat cruise around Manhattan. Even though it is cold today at least we may have a chance of sitting outside on the top deck. The cruise doesn't start until 12 so we take the opportunity to go and walk around Times Square.
Its 10 a.m and surprisingly empty, perhaps the cold is putting people off or the fact it's a holiday.
We wander around a few shops including the m&m world and I am sad to day that I was excited by trying raspberry and dark chocolate flavoured sweets.
We still have plenty of time before the cruise so decided to head to the Rockefeller centre. The queues are minimal and its not long before we are shooting up the lift to the viewing platform. Its quite grey out which doesn't make for the best shots but we practically have the place to yourselves at some points. Great for taking our time getting pictures but had to wait around for someone to take a shot of us together.

On our way to the pier we stop of at a cupcake shop for the smallest cakes I've ever seen.
Just a single bite but very yummy, perfect to keep us going until lunch.
We've come prepared so take a seat on the open deck ready for the two hour cruise. The commentator is excellent, giving us lots of historical facts (like the name Manhattan is from the indigenous people and means island of many hills!) and pointing out all the highlights. We even get a preview of the statue of liberty which we are climbing up tomorrow.
Some of the old factories and advertising are still around even though no longer operational, including the old sugar mill where every 7 out of 10 bags of sugar in the USA came from during its time.
After the cruise we were ready for a late lunch so stopped at an old school diner. Really fun and great food even if slightly too much for us to finish.

Next we head up towards central park, en route stopping at Al's favourite shop TJ Maxx rather than TK as it is called back in the UK. Al is worried he'll freeze in the polar vortex tomorrow so a couple of base layers later and we head to the park.
We have a relatively short visit as we are getting tired and its a huge park so just walk around the lower part seeing some dudes on their long boards, ice sculptures and a chap making huge bubbles.
The main lake has frozen over so no boat trip for us and as we search for the carousel, with no success, we do find the ice rink so hoping to come back another day towards the end as I'm sure I'll fall and break something.

A quick tube ride back, a visit to the roof of the hotel for a cheeky snap of the Empire State building all lit up, and a longer than anticipated snooze and its time for tea.

We haven't quite got the hang of afternoon snoozing so are left too tired to want to go far so we try the Japanese bar three doors down based on a personal recommendation. Mew is great, no idea how you'd ever find this place down some small stairs into a basement without knowing about it before hand though.

The sushi was fantastic and in the end we spent a couple of hours talking and sipping tea. We were in bed for 1.30am so hoping I sleep in past 6 tonight.