New York - Day Two

Its not a great start when you are wide awake after only four hours sleep but while Al enjoys the land of nod it at least gives me time to write up our first night here. I'm starting to think those three cocktails were possibly a bit stronger than back home as my head is feeling a little delicate but hopefully that will pass soon.

Today we've made plans to go to the museum of natural history but first we check out our hotel breakfast. Got to find it strange when you are offered a huge piece of cake first thing in the morning but I did resist. We are staying at the hotel metro on 35th and 6th. Its decorated like somewhere from the 1940s and rather cute. The staff are very helpful and that's one of the many things I love about America, great customer service.

We head to the subway which I'd been warned wasn't as straight forward as it could be and after a few wrong attempts to find the right platform we boarded the right train. I love how old and rickety it all seems and we get to tick off another travel experience from our 1000 things to do and see Bible.

We probably spent 6 hours browsing the artifacts in the museum and still missed out most of the 2nd floor but good news is that you can get in for free with your IBM badge so of we find a bad weather day and we are in the area at least we can go back in.

My slight disappointment with the museum was that it didn't quite match that from night at the museum film but Al did get his pic taken with dum dum.

Our ticket also got us a show at the planetarium which was very enjoyable even if I did snooze through a tiny bit of it now that the lack of sleep was catching up with me.

We came straight back to the hotel after the museum as I was really flagging now and after what was supposed to be an hour snooze we woke up three hours later which won't have done any me any favours trying to get into a sensible time zone.

I'd been given a bar / restaurant recommendation got a new and tiny Japanese place called mew and it turned out to be 3 doors down so we gave that a shot. Unfortunately its no food on Sundays so we decided to try it later in the week and take the next easy option of going to McDonalds round the corner as we weren't wearing enough layers to head out father afield and it really is cold.
Being as we are in a different country though its only right we tried something new off the menu and Al went for a holiday pie, no idea what it was really and a bit strange how his chocolate milkshake came with whipped cream and a cherry on top, as if it didn't have enough calories anyway. I went for a meal size I'd have back home except here its called a mighty kids meal which is rather concerning since 6 chicken nuggets are classed as an appropriate adult portion in the UK and many other countries.
So back to the hotel and time for an earlyish night, still haven't made it to times square but plenty more nights and hopefully will enjoy it more after a good nights sleep.