Today's entry is titled after where we've ended the day, in the most delightful little village called Shieldaig.

Getting into our groove now in the mornings. Things getting efficiently moved around, people dressed, van swept 😁 Overnight a few rather nice cars had turned up, although it shouldn't be too much of a surprise, the NC500 is a popular thing to do and if you're in a sports car you'll need to be staying in hotels. I spotted a McLaren 570S, a BMW i8, a Porsche 911 turbo, and an Aston Martin V12 Vantage S

In fact, today very much seemed to be Aston Martin day as I must have seen at least 10 different ones driving around.

Leaving Dundonell we were heading for Gairloch but again didn't have anything particular planned to do. A national trust place suggested that it was open, we took that to mean the gardens if not the building but unfortunately they just meant the wider estate. The gardens that we saw through the gate looked nice but woke remain beyond our reach. Not ones to be easily put off we took ourselves on a 2ish km walk through the pinewoods looking for red squirrels. Alas we didn't see any but I'm pretty sure we heard one. Robert speaks squirrel and tried telling it that we were friendly but it didn't come out to see us ☚ī¸

We were only a few minutes from Gairloch now so rather than just eating what we had in the van decided to check out the local shops where we found a very nice butcher to get some fresh meat and fruit, followed up by some fantastic hot chocolate and cakes at Mountain Coffee Co.

Post lunch is time for Liliya's nap and Robert to listen to audiobooks (we're currently working through Enid Blyton's Magic Faraway Tree) while we get the bulk of the day's driving done. Every day seems to take us closer and closer to the mountains, but today we were practically touching them! Our route took us right through the middle of Beinn Eighe which as Wikipedia says is a "complex mountain massif". Massive indeed.

Just after we descended into Shieldaig, as I said at the beginning; the quaintest, cutest most picture perfect loch side village we've seen. The sun was shining, the temperature was up, everything was great. We took a walk down to the main street and found a play park for the kids which brightened up their day no end, this must be the first child specific play area we've seen in several days. At the end of the street we found the general store where we bought "Mr Men in Scotland" and a slice of homemade "tablet" which seems to be a sort of hard fudge. We read and consumed both before heading back to the van to get ready for dinner.

Last night Jane had emailed the only restaurant in Shieldaig and gotten us a table for 1800. Looking at the menu we ordered several plates to share; haggis, scallops (hand dived that day), smoked salmon (made at the smoke house a few hundred metres down the road) and fresh caught langoustines. Wow! Every part of this meal was incredible, these must have been the best scallops I've ever had. Happy and sated we headed back to the campsite where Robert spent at least another half hour playing fetch with a tennis ball and the dog at the next motor home.