There were a few stiff legs this morning from yesterday’s walk although Liliya says she’s fine other than the blister from her walking boots. En route to our first stop the kids decide to play a game of school, Robert is the teacher and going through spellings with Liliya.

After a 20 minute drive we’re in a tiny village called Aberdaron. There is a national trust centre, called Porth y Swnt, housing a local art installation about life and nature in the area. The kids particularly enjoyed listening about the animals and hiding out in the puffins nest.

We’re right on the coast so take a little walk to throw some stones into the sea of course.

Afterwards we pop into a tiny church and buy some of the local jam. Robert saw a cross he was telling Al’s auntie Adele about so wanted to make sure we took a photo so she would see it.

We needed some supplies and decided the bakery would be a good place to visit, that did mean of course the children wanted the biggest cakes they could find and it’s nice to support the local shops and will keep the kids full until we reach Portmeirion in one hour.

During the journey we see lots of tiny lambs, they are ridiculously cute so and it gets us talking about whether lambing season is natural or man made. The answer is it’s natural but I also learnt a lot more about lambs that I wish I hadn’t such as they are usually slaughtered between 10 weeks to 6 months! I’m not a vegetarian so can’t really complain but thinking they don’t get much of a life to bounce around the fields it’s quite sad.

For those of you who haven’t heard about Portmeirion it’s a rather strange place. It’s a little ‘town’ built to resemble an Italian town. It’s very odd but had some beautiful coast line and gardens. Of course no trip to ‘Italy’ would be complete without gelato and the sun even came out.

The kids loved looking for fallen flowers and started collecting the best ones, we enjoyed a nice walk and ended by a ‘paddling’ pool. Not sure if kids really were supposed to take their shoes off and get in but my kids had seen other kids doing it so their minds were made up.

The weather has been extremely kind and we knew it wouldn’t last but thankfully the rain only started 5 minutes before we were leaving anyway.

Our stop for tonight is a leisure centre car park with a view of Harlech castle.

It was potentially on our list to visit but the leisure centre has a swimming pool and the kids wanted to do that instead. The plan was that tonight we’d get fish n chips for tea but annoyingly after Al walked all the way to get them it turns out they are closed Mondays and Tuesdays 🙄. Thankfully we’re close to a little shop to pick up some meat and Al knocks together a creamy pasta dish instead whilst the kids and I play a couple of board games.