Thailand - Day Eight

Today is our first proper relaxing day and we wake up to find the storm from last night is still ongoing. It doesn’t change throughout much of the day really. We get at best five minutes on the sun lounger by our private pool.

It does ease up as we are collected in the evening to head out to the full moon party though so lets hope it holds out.

We set off on a speedboat and the water is fairly choppy so its not the most fun of trips, for me anyway, and by the time we get there we are also covered in sea water so I can safely say this is probably the worse I’ve looked before heading out on a night out.

After walking up the strip for a short while we find an italian restaurant and we decide on pizza for tea, something to soak up those buckets we’ll be drinking later. They really hit the spot, some of the best pizza I’ve had in ages, super thin and freshly made. I wash it down with a couple of frozen rum cocktails before we head back down the strip to find somewhere to get our tattoos done for the night.

We both go for full arm designs, flowers for me and a dragon for Al. They look awesome under the blacklight and its really cool to see everyone walking around glowing.

Next stop is to pick up a bucket of booze, some of them look terribly rough, 150 bhat for a bucket of thai whiskey, red bull and coke. We spot some of them doing mojito buckets so it had to be done really. They actually muddled brown sugar with fresh limes and mint in the bucket. Had they used actual rum rather than white spirit this could have ranked much higher but you could taste the roughness of the generic spirit.

So tattoos done, bucket in hand we head down to the beach. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting. The only other time I’d been to a proper beach party was in Falaraki 14 years ago (yes Laura if you are reading this, 14 years ago, how scary is that!) That party was epic and they’d set up bars along the beach with a live DJ down by the sea.

Here the bars all front onto the beach so you get different music as you walk along (I do hate myself a bit for dancing to One Direction at one point). It was still a great experience just different than what I had pictured.

Other than that it was as I imagined, people dancing on stages, people playing with fire. The kid we watched twirling his baton around actually dropped it and it flew into the audience at one point.

Then there was the fire skipping rope I’d heard about. I really can’t see why anyone would want to jump over a rope set on fire but there were enough people trying it and getting hit in the face and legs as someone didn’t manage to clear it. Then there was the random chap that climbed onto a makeshift set of monkey bars, glugged back some lighter fluid hanging from the side and started fire breathing.

The rain had mostly held off until we had a downpour for about 10 minutes which was enough to get people stripping off to their swimwear, ourselves included, and we figured we might as well just go with it.

After a few dances and another bucket we headed over to a quieter bar at the end of the beach so we could sit down for a while. We ordered black russians and they gave us a glass full of vodka and kahula, no coke, back in the day that would have seemed like a great deal but we asked for some coke to go with it so we could actually sit and enjoy the drink.

We then grabbed a quick snack from a beach stall, before heading back into the thick of things for another boogie. We hadn’t been sat in the bar that long but it was quite a change. There were now people passed out all over the sand, people walking into us and other general carnage.

I think this is the moment I realised I’m ready to go into retirement and its not a bad party to end on. I’ve had a good run, certainly not taken an early retirement that’s for sure but I’m definitely at the point where classic cocktails with good company is much more appealing than this. So before it all started to get annoying, Al had already had one guy run into him and try wrestle, we decided to head back for the 2am boat.

We were in luck and just made it on rather than having to wait for the next one an hour later. The journey back was much calmer and we got a private transfer back to our villa, seems no one else is up this part of the island that was at the party, not that we are surprised, I think we may be the youngest people staying at our resort.