Thailand - Day Four

Sushi is back on the breakfast menu so I’m a happy bunny, after a rather late night breakfast was rather rushed before our transfer arrived to take us to the airport. On arrival our guide informed us that we had free access to the Bangkok airport lounge, free food and drinks plus wifi, don’t mind if we do thanks.

At Koh Samui we wait for our luggage in what is practically a tin hut, not looking forward to flying out from here with zero to do.

Next stop is our resort, Saree Samui, now its not as impressive as the Shangri-La but it is rather cute and we have our private pool so I’m happy. The concept of the villa is outside living so the bathroom is open air, as is the lounge with just the bedroom that can close off completely (to prevent major mossy bites in the night, which I think failed since I found some whoppers on my ankle the next morning).

The sweetest thing is the outdoor large bath, looking forward to using that one night looking up at the stars.

The pool is a little on the cold side as we test it out with a quick and liberating skinny dip but I’m sure I’ll be thankful of that later on in the scorching heat.

As we have an early morning pick up for our trip we decide to stay on resort and eat at the in house restaurant. We arrive just in time for 2 4 1 cocktails on the relaxing beds by the pool so it would be rude not to try a mojito.

Given as I’ve decided to start a mojito ranking for the holiday I’m troubled as where to place this one. Its a nice cocktail but just doesn’t taste like a mojito, so in terms of cocktails its not bottom but it possibly tastes least like a mojito. I think its therefore going in 3rd place so the ranking is currently:

  1. Shangri-La poolside, Chiang Mai
  2. Riverside restaurant, Chiang Mai
  3. Saree Samui poolside, Koh Samui
  4. Sali aat market restaurant, Chiang Mai

Once again we are experiencing exceptional service and the restaurant staff are no exception. Al went for the massaman curry again (think he may need to form a ranking for those too!) and I tried soft shell crab in garlic.

I wasn’t quite sure if I was supposed to / could eat the claws so thought I’d ask. I don’t think they really understood me so I just went for it, so far so good and very tasty.

Another cocktail down the hatch and a quick walk on the beach before its time for bed, snorkeling on Ko Tao tomorrow (nicknamed Turtle Beach).