Thailand - Day Fourteen

Today is our last day in Thailand and we have a full day ahead of us given its the Chatuchak weekend market. This market is the largest market in Thailand and the world's largest weekend market covering over 35 acres and containing upwards of 15,000 stalls.

As soon as we stepped off the train it was evident we were at the right place with crowds of people heading for some bargains.

Straight away we realise we aren’t going to come back with any money (not that we have much left given its the end of the trip).

The first area we end up in is like a haven for heavy metal fans with grungy clothing and lots of leather. Next stop was still clothing but really vintage and trendy, lots of handmade clothing, funky t-shirts with retro 80s kids figures on and superheros like he-man, mr men, thor and random japanese characters we didn’t recognise.

We ended up walking away with around 10 t-shirts plus I got myself a nice skirt, I would have bought more from the hand made section if it was made for western sizes rather than the very petite locals.

We must have been browsing for a good few hours now and so we head to the food stalls where we find some of the amazing pork belly we’d had on the first night. Next we just wander round row after row of random shops, china ware, florists, miniature animals (so cute I could actually have died had I been allowed to touch them although I was torn about whether the animals were actually taken care of so we didn’t stay in that section for too long).

We had seen some lovely lamp shades while we were in the Chiang Mai markets but didn’t buy one so now we had another chance (putting it together was another challenge entirely but as you can see here we have managed to create the finished article).

Time for a bit more food and we had garlic bread on a stick which was super tasty then washed it down with a ridiculously sized mango fruit smoothie and a piece of lime mochi ice cream. It was like Chiang Mai all over again and definitely a great experience to end the trip on.

The feet were really starting to ache now so we quickly spent our last remaining pennies buying a few souvenirs and headed back to the tailors for the final time to collect Al’s shirts. While Al was trying them on the owner asked me to come look at some pashminas and select one for myself for being so patient these last few days. The shirts looked great and well worth the £30 each.

Back to the hotel for a quick freshen up as I was determined we were going to get to a sky bar while we were in Bangkok. My guide book listed the top 5 and although there are two very popular ones (the one from Hangover 3 the movie and the one we tried last night) they weren’t really near where we wanted to go eat so we opted for Bangkok’s newest sky bar called Red Sky.

We knew the cocktails were going to be expensive but it was on the list of things we had to do so worse case we figured we’d take a few pictures have one drink and be on our way. We arrived and the staff were ever so nice, ushering us to a table which were all set around the outside so every one had a view over Bangkok. Although all the tables were full it was as if we were on our own up there as the seats were angled towards each other around a small table so unlike some of the other reviews we read for the 2 most popular bars this one was really chilled out with no one walking past you to take photos.

The cocktail menu was pretty extensive and yes they were pricy but I’ve paid more in London.

Al clearly won the cocktail selection opting for a mojito but given my run of bad ones I chose some fruit punch thing which was sadly disappointing but Al’s mojito a winner by far (still not amazing I must add but the best of the holiday).

The views up there were simply stunning and I can see now why people say its a must do thing when in Bangkok. We could have stayed there all night listening to the live jazz and kind of wish we’d already eaten so we could stay and chat the night away.

We had to make a decision, stay and drink all night and fill up on the free nibbles they had brought or go and have a last meal. I’d found an all you can eat sushi restaurant with all you can eat haagen daaz for dessert so we decided one drink was enough and we headed over to the restaurant.

By this time it was around 9.30pm and we figured we’d have until at least 11pm to eat meaning we could fit in enough sushi and ice cream but sadly when we arrived we found out all the kitchens were closed as they boot you out at 10pm.

Suddenly our hopes of a last memorable meal in Bangkok were gone and we only place nearby we could find was a McDonalds. Well we’ll certainly remember it but not exactly for the reasons we were hoping. I did have my first ever ice cream float with coke and grape fanta though and we tried thai style plum sauce with our chicken nuggets.

Exhausted but happy we headed back to the hotel to do our packing ready for the morning.
Its been an amazing trip with some real highlights and I still have my scar (as well as this blog) to remember everything by.
Can’t say I’m looking forward to the 12 hour flight home and going back to work but something has to pay for the next trip (New York in January)!