Thailand - Day Seven

Today we have our first lie in of the whole holiday and quite nice it was too. It did mean we missed breakfast but our plan is to head down to Nathon town anyway and hopefully pick something up from a market. Today’s agenda is to visit the main town, two waterfalls then anything else we randomly find.

First we stop in Nathon and it looks like we are a little early. The market is just being set up and the main festival in Thailand, Loy Krathong, takes place tomorrow so it looks like they are getting ready for some sort of performance. Other than a little wander round there really isn’t much to see and although it is a lot nicer than Chewang Beach or Fisherman’s wharf we decide to head straight on to the first waterfall - Hin Lad.

The map shows the road leading right up to the waterfall so we aren’t expecting anything too arduous. Once we park up we take a quick look at the map which is all in Thai so its quite hard to know what to expect but we find a sign that seems to point in the direction of where the waterfall should be and we can hear rushing water so we set off.

We’d been walking for about 10 minutes when we spotted a giant spider, hopefully its not too long until we are at the falls as we don’t really want to bump into any of his friends.

Another few minutes and we spot another couple walking towards us so we ask how long it is until we get to the falls. They tell us that they have just turned around as the path starts to go deep into the forest and they weren’t wearing the right shoes. Hmm ok so not what we were expecting but we’ll keep going. There’s no one else around now and we are suddenly faced with two options as the ‘path’ splits. We opt for the left one as we know the waterfall is on that side. Another 5 minutes in and we probably chose wrong, we are now climbing through thick dense trees and I’m freaking out every time a leaf falls on me. Soon we hear people and look up to find there should be another path we can rejoin if we can clamber up some rocks. Thankfully Al was on hand to hoist me up and we join the main path where we see another traveller. I’m surprised he is not with anyone as the trek so far hasn’t been easy and one wrong move and you could easily fall and hurt yourself and it wasn’t like we’d seen many more people around. Another split in the path sees us choosing the left one (again) and our new chinese friend choosing the right one. We were wrong again but this time we were completely blocked so had to turn back. It wasn’t long before we caught up with our friend to find him video chatting to his girlfriend. The heavy storm from last night seemed to have turned what was supposed to be the path into a mini waterfall and it looked like we might have to turn back but we’d been going for about 30 minutes already and we were determined to get to the end. Stepping on rocks and branches we manage to get over the water and continued up. After 40 minutes we finally see another person who tells us we are only about 5 minutes away which was a relief. When we get there it is beautiful and we are the only people around which is even better. A few minutes later our Chinese friend turns up which is handy so we can get a shot of the two of us together.

On the way back the stream seems to have gotten worse so Al ends up doing a very good job of building a bridge for me so I don’t have to get wet feet. Just after that our Chinese friend had stopped and was pointing at something in the undergrowth, it took me a few seconds to see it, a 4 foot lizard just waddling along!

At the bottom we stop for a drink, advertised as a frozen lemon slushie it’s actually the closing thing I’ve had to a mojito so far. All it needed was a shot of rum and we’d have a winner!

So we next head to Namuang waterfall, we were expecting this one to be a trek after reading about it online, surely it couldn’t be any harder than the first though. This one is definitely the popular attraction and there are plenty of people around. The walk takes about 30 minutes and although this one was well sign posted and had ropes to help you get up certain sections there was a rather nasty set of rocks to climb over to get to the very top which a few people decided they couldn’t get past.

These waterfalls were nice but again too many people and when you only have small passageways and routes over the rocks it wasn’t so easy to get to.

As it turns out we’d ended up hiking most of the day and we didn’t have any more time to see random things given I had a reservation at Zico’s brazilian meat feast restaurant we had to get to. As we still had the car we decided to drive which possibly wasn’t the best idea since sat nav got us completely lost but only 30 minutes late we finally find it. Luckily its not super busy anyway had they given our table away.

So the premise here is that there are a huge variety of barbecued foods and you are given a coaster, green side up means keep offering me food, red side means you need a break. So between us we managed to try all the food on offer which was 2 types of pork, 2 types of beef, salmon, red snapper, king prawns, ham, chicken, duck, lamb, veal sausage, pineapple and banana along with the side salad and a tiny bit of dessert.

They also served some amazing cocktails, red samba (cachaca, strawberries, lime and triple sec) , passion fruit caipirinha and kaffir lime sour (vodka, cointreau and lime).

The brazilian dancers were also very good and really gave the place a great atmosphere. I’d highly recommend this restaurant.