Thailand - Day Six

Today we hired a car, there’s quite a few attractions on the island but all the tours (unless you go private) include trips to see the elephant and monkey shows which we do not want to support. We saw an advert for them on the boat yesterday and they make the elephants stand on their head, not cool.

We grab a light breakfast which is nice but not as fancy as the Shangri-La, however the setting is way more pretty. On the beachside overlooking the water (and the pier from yesterday!)
So we check out the map and have marked all the spots to visit starting with fisherman’s village.

This is currently ranked 8th out of 56 things to do in Koh Samui so we were hoping this would be a nice place to wander around. I don’t know if we missed something or because it’s not high season it's much different but there was just so much construction work going on and felt like a tacky seaside town.

Naff shops selling tourist trinkets and a lot of tailors. Luckily this was on our way to the next stop, Big Buddha, so it wasn’t too much of an annoyance.

Big Buddha was good, we had our marriage blessed by a monk, and got another bracelet to add to our collection.

They are doing a lot of renovation here so we also write our names on one of the tiles they will be using to replace the current roof. It only costs a small donation of 50 bhat and I thought it was a great idea. I don’t know how long the tiles last but its cool to know we’ll be a part of the building for some time to come.

Next another Wat, Plai Laem, this one wasn’t even really called out on the major attractions but it was quite a sight and I’d highly recommend it. Some fantastic statues and hardly anyone else around which was even better.

Time for lunch and we were heading to Chewang Beach, this seems to be where its all happening and as we drove through the main strip we were kind of pleased we weren’t staying here. This is clearly where all the nightlife is but it just looked a bit tacky and was clearly catering for the western tourists with a bar on every corner offering buy one get one free deals with shots. That being said we did decide to have lunch at McDonalds as its always fun seeing what different foods they serve, plus we were in need of somewhere with air con.

We decide to head straight on to Hin Ta and Hin Ya, otherwise known as the grandmother and grandfather rocks because they are shaped as the male and female downstairs parts.

The heat is still killing me so we take a short break and have a quick snooze on the rocks after which we go in search of the pagoda at Chedi Laem.

We turned all road types on the sat nav in order to get directions to some of the places but this was just crazy. The final straw that we'd been led down the wrong path was a tree in the middle of the road.

We were set to give up the search when we finally found the actual road and we headed for the wat. It was atop a steep hill and we were the only people there which was nice.

This place is very remote so I'm not sure how many visitors it gets, down the road and we also take a moment to visit the pagoda overlooking the sea.

Back on the road and we head to the mummified monk, this was pretty creepy. A monk who apparently foresaw his own death and was sat upright in the meditating position when he died. They have put his body in a glass cage in the entrance to one of the wats.

Again they are doing some renovations to the roof so we signed another tile, this time using the Thai year which I only learnt on this trip is different to ours but obviously makes sense.

We still had a few items to visit but it was actually getting rather late and we had our fancy meal to get to tonight so we decided to hire the car for another day and headed home through the main town Nathon which we'll come back to see tomorrow.

For all you foodies out there I wrote up a separate review of the evening.

Once we got back Al decided to go for a swim in the storm. I did not but took photos instead.