Thailand - Day Ten

An early start this morning to head to Angthong National Park, we'd tried to book the full day kayaking tour but it was not available at this time of the year so we went for a snorkeling and kayaking trip instead. When we arrived and filled out our details the tour guide joked with us that we'd be sailing past our hotel so we could jump out and swim home if we wanted. We borded the speedboat and he was explaining that there would be a number of other boats around and we had to make sure we boarded the correct one each time and that we all had orange wrist bands so be sure to look out for the others wearing the same bands. Having sat through this five minutes later the tour guide approaches a young chinese couple sat next to us. They had on red bands and had started out on the wrong trip! They were supposed to be heading to Koa Tao and the other boat they should have been on had radioed across to find out if they were with us having checked in earlier that morning to the other tour. So we had to dock up against the side of the other boat out at sea so they could be reunited with their red band group.

The trip across wasn't too bad but I am glad they had offered sea sickness tablets before getting onto the speedboat. Our first stop was for snorkeling. This was a lot better than what we had seen at Koa Tao and we got some great views of the corals, many different types of fish but I think we've still been spoilt from the great barrier reef as I don't think anything will ever top that.

Next stop was for a walk up to see the views and visit the green lagoon, unfortunately the weather is very overcast so the views aren't as nicely lit up with blue skies but its still really impressive and had the sun been out the steep walk to the view point would probably have killed us anyway.

We then head to our lunch stop which is in a small fisherman's village, this really was remote, we'd hadn't realised people lived on these islands. We walked around a little and saw the houses and boats of the local people before heading on to our final stop for kayaking.

Kayaking was fun but hard work, to be fair I took a few breaks and let Al paddle me round. We then had some free time to swim and sunbathe. We were ahead of all the other tour groups so there was only one other boat around which was nice as I imagine in high season this would be packed with way too many people.

On the trip back we passed the floating rock, this is said to look like the one actually filmed in the bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun, which is near Phuket.

The trip back is a lot more bumpy so I try shut my eyes and get through it. I come around as we start to slow down and we can see our resort. We were thinking how annoying it is that we are so close yet have another 15 minutes or so on the boat to get to the dock then have to get the taxi back. He really seems to be getting close to the beach now as if to taunt us when the tour guide asks for the people staying at Saree to come over. Wow, he's actually driven the boat as far as he can to the beach so we really can jump out. There were a few people on the beach sunbathing who gave us rather astonished looks and lots of jealous faces from the boat. Although this was only a small thing it really was a highlight. It also meant we had some extra time to freshen up before our massage.

So we headed over for our massage where we were given very sexy pants to wear before laying down on the beds. It was very peaceful as the spa although private is part open air with views of the beach so we can hear the soothing sounds of the sea. For the next 90 minutes we are pulled and pushed in various positions, poked with elbows and arms and there were only a few moments where it felt really deep and painful.

We were rather chilled out afterwards as we sat drinking our tea so we decided to stay on resort for dinner and ended our last night very well with a couple of cocktails and some good food. We even managed to eventually enjoy an outside bath before bed even though it took over 1.5 hours to fill (it did have a poor seal rather than it being enormously big).

Tomorrow we head to our final stop Bangkok, Koa Samui has definitely been nice but I'd ready to get back to some more sight seeing in the big city.