Venice Day 2

Amazingly we woke up just before the 'emergency alarm' at 10am so were feeling nicely refreshed. After a fresh fruit breakfast in the apartment we headed out to St Mark's square via a gelato shop which had been rated very highly and was just around the corner. I had said I wasn't going to get any but then when we got there I couldn't resist and got a creamy cherry scoop while Al had the pistachio, creme caramel and cherry.

We decided to beat the crowds by starting in the Museo Correr rather than Doge's Palace. The square was very busy as expected but a good shout going to the lesser known palace first as there was hardly any queue and we got the 11 museum pass although suspect we will only go to a couple on the list. The museum was interesting enough and showed some of the palace rooms but nothing as grand as some we've visited along our travels.

They also had an exhibition on pieces related to the water, lots of coins, busts and paintings.

We were all museumed out so decided not to bother with the art gallery on the second floor and instead went out to get some lunch. Turns out the trip advisor 2nd best rated food venue was around the corner so thought we'd give it a go. We were not disappointed, its a take out pasta shop which you'd never find usually, hidden away on one of the back streets. Their pasta is made fresh each day with only a few options to choose from so we took that, found an open square and enjoyed a quick bite to eat.

We decided then to take a quick pit stop back at the apartment before heading out later on to tackle Doge's Palace (cue many a doge joke from Al).

After our pit stop we headed to the Doge's Palace which was empty by the time we arrived. The state rooms, armory and prison cells were all interesting although it was a shame we hadn't been able to go on the secret itenaries tour (we tried to book a few weeks in advance but was still full).

After the palace Al found a nearby pub that the local gondaliers frequent so we stopped in for a quick drink before heading back to the apartment to get changed for the evening and find somewhere nice to eat.

We ended up giving up on Trip Advisor as there were so many nice sounding places that we thought we'd just head out in a different direction and see where we ended up.

After about 15 mins of hunting we found a tiny place in the middle of nowhere and decided to give it a try as I was tired and hungry by this point so asked for a table without looking at the menu. There was a table for 6 available outside but they said the only spaces were indoors. This was a little disappointing but never mind. At least the indoors was nice and cool but things didn't improve when we asked for a drinks menu only to be told all they had was a wine list. I asked what non alcoholic drinks they had and was offered water or coke. Water it was then and Al had the only bottled beer they did.

While we were waiting having ordered our food another couple came without a reservation and were given 2 of the 6 seats outside which was very annoying and so far I was thinking we'd chosen poorly.

Another couple left so we asked to be moved outside which they happily then did and then our starters arrived and things started improving. Al had baby squid salad and I the goose breast in balsamic glaze. Both were lovely, although I wasn't expecting cured goose and when I asked if it was cooked I was told yes even though a quick Google told me this was goose equivalent of Parma ham so cured not cooked but it was damn tasty.

Next up was black linguine with scallops and artichoke for Al and dish of the day, pasta with king prawns and tomato for me.

First thing to note is that the portions were tiny, I only had 3 prawns in the pasta BUT it did taste great and did mean we had room for dessert.

We both had the chocolate cake with gooey chocolate instead. Simply amazing and beautifully presented.

Al was not content with just having 3 courses though so en route home he found another highly rated gelateria and had to get a fix.

Verdict was that is was good but not amazing compared to yesterday morning's gelato.