Venice Day 4

Today we decided to spend the day wandering around Venice and making the most of our museum pass. We still had 24hrs left to use the water boats too so headed from our nearest stop up the grand canal to the Rialto market stop.

Again this was another top 10 thing to do on the list. The market stop was past the bridge meaning we got some nice pics from the water although there was a lot of building work going on so didn't make for the best pictures.

The market was a bit of a let down, the fruit and veg stalls were ok then next along was the fish market.

I'd been hoping for more other types of food such as meats and cheeses or perhaps other specialities to fill a picnic but I did get a lovely bag of cherries to nibble at whilst looking at the weird fish on sale.

There were a few museums we could go to that were near by so thought we might as well have a look even if it was just a brief visit.

The first was the natural history museum. They clearly don't get many foreign visitors as the travel descriptions weren't in English and the only other people we saw was a school tour.

The place started out fairly normal, it had dinosaur exhibits, rocks and fossils.
The next rooms however were like a collection from a freak show. It was quite sad to see really, tables made out of elephant legs and stuffed giraffe heads on plaques.

Pretty much everything on display would be banned today so it was quite creepy in some way to see it all.
After that there were some freaky stuffed animals such as ones with two heads and then the fake 'mermaids' people used to sew together to try and prove their existence.

It got back to normal after that with more normal stuffed animals. We rushed through the last part to make our way to the next museum, but not before Al had a gelato of course ;-)

Next on the list was the Museo di Palazzo Mocenigo and we weren't really sure what to expect. Firstly we were told we could see a temporary exhibit called The Rape of Venice. It was one of those 'modern' pieces of art. Basically we were in a white room while words were projected onto a wall. They were in English as it happens but it still made little sense so we quickly left and headed into the actual museum. The first room had more modern art as was a bit naff but as we carried on into the next room it was filled with scents used to make perfume which you could pick up and smell. Turns out Venice was very popular at making perfume and one of the attendants working asked if we'd like to watch a short movie about the perfume making process back when it was first invented. We took up her offer and it was rather interesting.
The rest of the rooms were filled with clothing that the rich and famous back in the day would have worn. The building itself was also beautiful and would have at one time been the resident of someone important.

The final museum in the area was the modern art museum, Ca’ Pesaro. Neither of us are really fans of most modern art but thought we'd give it a go. As expected it wasn't really our thing.
Some notable pieces were the ladders, and some scribbles ;-)

On the top floor they had a better display which was dedicated to Oriental Art. They have over 30,000 objects, mainly from Japan but no air con so we practically ran around before we melted.

It was now time for a light lunch and I'd heard about a little takeaway frequented by the locals where they have a speciality, mozzerella covered in deep fried bread.

First we had to walk over the bridge to get back to the other side of the island. Must admit we were underwhelmed by the bridge, most of the shops on it were filled with tourist tat or sports and jewelry shops.

We found the takeaway and managed to get a table and Al went up to the counter to order. Whilst he was ordering I looked in the menu and saw that they came in two varieties, mozzerella with ham and the other with anchovies. Unfortunately Al didn't know the translations for either so came back with one of each. Naturally I made Al take the first bite since I hate anchovies. Turns out so does Al ;-)

It was back to the counter to order another ham version. They were delicious although probably good we only had one each as I can't imagine they are the most healthy of snacks.

Al had a list of top gelaterias in the area and one was apparently near by so to finish off our lunch we tried another gelato (Al had to get the Crema del Doge because of its name).

We decided to walk back to the apartment rather than take the boat (which I'm sure is actually slower) and peruse the shops whilst doing so. Didn't end up buying anything but earlier in the day we found a lovely Murano glass santa bauble for our tree.

We enjoyed another relaxing afternoon on the terrace then looked in the guide book for a nice restaurant. There was one back past the Rialto bridge and since our boat pass was still valid we decided to eat there.

The food was really nice although we forgot when you order fish over here the whole thing is delivered on the plate so Al had fun disecting his seabass.

The portions were huge so no room for gelato afterwards.